Navigating Safety and Efficiency in Food & Beverage Manufacturing


Pilz India - logoThe food and beverage industries are flourishing in today’s interconnected world, driven by the diversity of consumers and a commitment to environmental sustainability. However, these industries face numerous challenges and opportunities, manufacturers must continually innovate their flavors, ingredients, and manufacturing processes to keep up. From flavor refinement to ingredient selection, efficient production relies on effective management of diverse plant and machine assets. As new products emerge and existing machinery requires updates, a strategic safety partner with industry expertise becomes essential. Meeting the evolving consumer preferences while also adhering to stringent safety regulations is no easy task. Success in this highly competitive industry hinges on the efficient management of plant and machinery assets. With extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, Pilz enables companies to achieve safety goals without compromising on availability and asset utilization.

Safety solutions and adaptability

In the food and beverage industry, manufacturing facilities often need to produce different products in multiple locations. To achieve this, adaptability is crucial, with the workplaces being safe. Pilz ensures that safety solutions are adaptable while meeting standards like ANSI/PMMI B155.1 and international ISO and IEC standards, all in a cost-effective manner. Consumer diversity drives innovation. Meeting the expectations of a globalized market demands agility and adaptability. Whether it’s tweaking flavors or optimizing production processes, asset management plays a pivotal role in staying competitive. Safety solutions by Pilz are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing machinery and facilitate smooth operations, where both Primary packaging and Secondary packaging are considered. Flexibility and efficiency are indispensable in the packaging industry, particularly in end-of-line processes. There is direct contact between the machines, and products in Primary packaging. Therefore, the need for hygiene is of the utmost concern.

Comprehensive solutions

Pilz’s comprehensive safety solutions in such conditions encompass safe control technology, and motion control solutions, along with safety sensors. High cleaning demand cannot be avoided in packaging of food and beverages, and thus Pilz offers safety solution through a safety switch made of stainless-steel, PSENmag. Safety sensors by Pilz, like PSENmlock mini, and PSENslock 2 which are newly launched are also certified in accordance with protection class IP69K, and are optimally utilised where high pressure cleaning, and safeguarding with minimum energy consumption is important in food and beverage packaging. Modular design and expandability of safe small controllers PNOZmulti provides solutions in secondary packaging in food and beverage industry. Also, PDP67, which is a decentralised field module, connects safety sensors directly in the field. Controlling access to machinery is critical. This includes employee protection, liability protection, productivity and data protection factors as the core. With its electronic keys, it provides significantly more security than classic keys. That’s because, all too often, they are inserted in the machine and thus offer just as little security as password protection, as the password is often commonly known.

Safety gate applications

In the dynamic landscape of safety gate applications, customization and adaptability are key. Our modular safety gate system—comprising PITgatebox, PSENcode, PSENmlock (with optional escape release), and PSENslock—offers tailored solutions to safeguard your gates effectively. Whether it’s manual gates, automated access, or maintenance mode, PITgatebox adapts seamlessly. Leveraging Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD), we simplify wiring with a one-cable solution for PSENcode and PSENmlock. Real-time diagnostic and status information enhances plant availability, ultimately reducing total ownership costs. Additionally, our PMI Visualization Panels with PASvisu Software provide a comprehensive overview of your system’s performance, allowing you to monitor safety parameters and make informed decisions. It’s not just about safety; it’s about optimizing your entire operation. By integrating these solutions, you create a safer, more efficient environment, where the product, human and machinery are protected without compromise.

With Pilz as a trusted safety partner, our customers can focus on innovation and growth, knowing that safety is considered as core factor and is always the top-most priority. Increasing productivity and speed along with minimising the unwanted machine downtimes with optimum costs create a win-win situation between Pilz and our customers, making us the “Brand Ambassador of Safety”, and best solution providers in the world of automation, in every industry.

[Courtesy: Pilz India]