Extending growth with innovation, URB


Q. Bearing industry is consistent in performance in the last few years. How do you foresee the future of bearing industry?

The future looks bright as the demand continues to be positive. We expect the trend to be positive in the times to come & hopefully continue that way.

Q. Please brief us about company’s global reach & what are the global alliances that have been made in order to out-front the competition?

We have been rapidly expanding our base in Asia, Europe & Africa. We have already tied up with major distributors & demand is picking up. However, we have a long way to go & we will continue to increase our footprint & make genuine URB products available to our customers.

Q. Can you brief more about URB infrastructure?

URB operates with headquarters and production in Romania. We have distributors and customers around the world, with more than 70 years of experience in industrial bearing production. We can make tailor-design / custom made products to fit customers’ specific needs and application.

Q. What are the market prospects for the URB products in India and How do you plan to position these products?

India remains one of our key markets & with the demand for URB product we see ourselves getting entrenched comfortably in the market. We have positioned ourselves as the best alternative to any top brand & that is what makes us unique. Today we are seeing a shift & we are confident that we shall continue to grow in the Indian market.

Q. However the Indian market is competitive, what are the strategies that have been implemented by URB in terms of marketing & product development to counter the competition?

Our strategy is simple. Acquisition of customers & expanding our footprint. The market is flooded with many brands which have been there for many years, however being a European Brand, we take the quality of our products very seriously. We shall continue to offer quality products at affordable pricing.

Q. What are the opportunities & challenges for Indian products in the global market?

Local producers in India, who are using URB bearings in their application, have good chances for the export of their products globally with the help of suppliers like URB with extensive quality and competitive prices. Especially industrial machinery producers in India have a great chance of exporting their products on the global market level. Steel industry equipment suppliers, stone crusher machine producers, mining equipment suppliers are good example of industrial machineries.

Q. What are the URB’s future plans & are there any new products that will be introduced in near future to compete with other manufacturers?

We are always extending our scope of supply through our experience engineering and R&D team in house. We already have an extensive range of industrial products and sizes in our range, but URB continuously expands its product range. We will have good news and surprises which will be shared with our dedicated and trustful suppliers.

Q. As per opinion what are the initiatives that all manufacturers need to take up to equip for the future?

As an ongoing topic for years, our priority as a global manufacturer with a global brand awareness has been to avoid the penetration of our fake/counterfeit products to markets that we are strong in. We will keep fighting the fake product suppliers legally, going ahead with legal sanctions that can be implemented against these suppliers. This has become a headache to some of our customers in specific regions, and we intend to eliminate this.