How to Connect Weighing Transmitter to Siemens PLC, Mettler Toledo


how to connect the ACT350 weight transmitter to a Siemens PLC via PROFINET fieldbus in using the TIA Portal. The ACT350 weight transmitter is a weighing electronics for scales, weigh modules and load cells. The device can be installed inside the electric control cabinet on DIN-Rails. It provides fast and simple connectivity to most PLC Systems. GSDML and GSM files are available to connect to Siemens PLC systems. The dual port Industrial Ethernet of ACT350 supports daisy-chain and ring network topologies and simplifies installation of multi transmitter weighing applications. The weight transmitter is ideal for designing customized weighing applications such as conveyor scales, #filling machines, over-under-classification, tank-, silo-, hopper-, vessel- or reactor scales. The transmitter has an on board OLED display to show weight result. Four touch keys can be used for configuration. It has 5 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs for direct control of actuators.


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