KAMDHENU caters to structural, aesthetic and luxury requirements in construction and grows by doing brisk business


Q. What was the vision behind KAMDHENU? Tell us a little about the company’s ambition and plans.

Kamdhenu has always been about offering “Best Quality at Best Price”. For us, brand positioning of our products has always been a top priority. We have made a huge difference in the market and it is all because of our constant surge to step ahead, in the course of which, we have now launched a new set of pro-active plans to establish our presence across the globe. We have set our eyes on the further decentralization of the production base by undertaking strategic alliances, tie-ups and acquisitions of unorganized and medium sized manufacturing units mushrooming all over the country and getting all of them under Kamdhenu umbrella through technical upgradation, implementation of Quality Management System and effective distribution through the exclusive dealer network and Stockyard Model.

Q. Kamdhenu talks about delivering best Quality at best Price. How do you achieve both?

Kamdhenu has an in-house Innovation Centre with a strong R&D practise that develops and produces products based on customer requirements. Kamdhenu deputes technical staff at all franchisee units after training them at our own production facilities, this enables us to deliver the same quality standards at par with what is produced at our in-house plants. Apart from deploying trained staff and inspections at regular intervals, we also provide support for technical upgradation and adoption of latest technologies. Our pioneering business model also ensures that we are agile in process upgradation and technology transfers, the decentralisation of manufacturing units also helps us in keeping cost low as we are close to our customers.

Q. What are the key products offered by ‘KAMDHENU GROUP’ uniquely than other competitive brands?

Kamdhenu Group is truly a one stop construction material solutions company, manufacturing and supplying a variety of products including but not limited to TMT Bars, Structural Steel, Color Coated Sheets, and Decorative Paints etc. Our wide range of products caters to various kinds of structural, aesthetic and luxury requirements in construction and is growing by doing brisk business.

KamdhenuNxt is a next generation TMT bar with angular double rib design. Manufactured with cutting edge technology which is at par with the futuristic national and international quality standards, KamdhenuNXt is best suited for modern architectural patterns and designs meant for newly engineered structures.

KAMDHENU PAS 10000, this state-of-the-art power alloy steel product was first introduced in the country by Kamdhenu. Conforming to BIS and international quality standards, PAS 1000 has superb corrosion-resistant properties and anti-degradation properties. With 360 degree locking technology it offers effective earthquake resistance and also comes with innovative ribs for ultra-strong grip with concrete.

Structural steel,Kamdhenu manufactures a variety of structural steel under franchisee agreement. High quality angles, channels, beams, flats, round & square are manufactured at partner facilities.

ColourmaxColour Coated PPGI/PPGL Sheets, these roofing sheets are low maintenance and offer high resistance to weather elements. These colour metal products comply with international RAL system, the international standard for the standard colors used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety.

Q. Please comment on how the TMT bars market is shaping up in India.

India always had a strong demand for TMT bars.And now we can see how rapidly the construction activity especially in real estate and infrastructure sector is booming. Despite occasional hiccups, demand continues to remain strong. Modern construction and design evolution has led to vertical as well as horizontal growth with increasingly intricate designs. This had led to increased demand for premium TMT products that can support such constructions.

Q. Kamdhenu offers a very interesting product – Pre – Engineered Buildings (PEB). Please tell us a little about it too.

Kamdhenu’s Technological improvements over the years has contributed immensely to the enhancement of quality of life through various new products & services. One such revolution is the Pre – Engineered Buildings. Its origin can be traced back to last four decades; its potential has been felt only during the recent years. This was mainly due to the development in technology, which helped in computerizing the design.

PEBs are steel structures built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, roof & wall sheeting connected to each other & various other building components. The building can be provided with skylight, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, roof monitors, doors & windows trusses, mezzanine floors, fascias, canopies, crane system, insulators etc., based on customers’ requirements. These buildings are custom designed to be lighter in weight & high in strength. It is also economical in cost because of its factory controlled quality, durability, longevity, flexibility in expansion, environment friendliness, faster installation etc.

Q. How do you envision growth for your company for the next five years and what are the future growth projection the company is looking?

Our range of quality products in the steel TMT sector already commands a leading position in the markets where we are present in. We are stepping up our efforts at expanding into more geographies. We will look at launching new products into the market depending on emerging demand and in-line with our growth strategy.

We are looking forward to expand our capacity from 38 lakh MT of TMT steel bars to 50 lakh MT of TMT steel bars in next two years through franchisee route. Also, we are targeting to achieve total brand revenue of Rs 22,000 crore in the steel segment by the end of financial year 2023-24.