Maiwir Engineering Wins The Prestigious Engineering Excellence Award

FOR Best Innovation In Steel Composite Design, Fabrication & Construction


Maiwir Engineering has won the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award for Best innovation in Steel Composite Design, Fabrication & Construction. The event, organized by Divya Media Publications for recognizing 25 outstanding achievers in the industry, was held in Hotel Noorya in Pune on 21st May.

The patented Maiwir system comprises horizontal structures and vertical columns which are modular. The beams have trusses encased in carter plate & columns have cages encased in pipes. The slabs consist of lattice girders & EPS blocks that minimize the consumption of concrete. The dead loads are minimal, resulting in less foundation costs & lighter sections.

Established in 2015, Maiwir Engineering has emerged as a prominent force in innovative and efficient engineering design, fabrication and execution under one roof. The company executes complex engineering projects to cater to the needs of the fast growing Infrastructure sector


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