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Gabin Kattukaran, Director, Mechelonic Engineering Pvt Ltd
Gabin Kattukaran, Director, Mechelonic Engineering Pvt Ltd

“We introduce machines yielding high productivity at low power consumption.” – Gabin Kattukaran, Director, Mechelonic Engineering Pvt Ltd

Mechelonic engineers pvt ltd is a leading manufacturer of Resistance Welding Machines in India. Since its incorporation nearly four decades ago, the company has carved for itself a reputation of being the provider of solutions to the toughest and most challenging Resistance Welding jobs. The company has been associated with some of the most critical projects in the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, and Railway Industries.

The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has its manufacturing facilities in Vapi, Gujarat. The company has Sales and Service offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore. In addition, Sales and Service Engineers are also present in Pune, Jamshedpur, and Chennai . This technical network ensures that customers never have to wait for very long and their requirements are met with promptly irrespective of where they are located.

A strong team of experienced Design, Production, and Quality Engineers is ready to meet any challenge and constantly push the envelope by offering innovative solutions to Resistance Welding problems. A reliable process backed approach allows the company to deliver solutions in a consistent and timely manner that has made it the Benchmark of the Industry.

mechelonic engineers provides the full range of Resistance Welding equipment including Spot, Seam, Projection, and Flash Butt Welders. In addition, the company also has extensive experience in developing Special Purpose Machines to cater to the stringent requirements of every industry. The company is proud that it has the widest range of machines in this field and that its customers span more industry segments than those of any other manufacturer.

mechelonic engineers has a long and fruitful history of partnership with the Indian Railways. The company has supplied equipment for Coach Building, Rail Track Joining, and also machines for various other manufacturing plants of the railways.

Rail flash butt welding machine
Rail flash butt welding machine

The company has been supporting the various Rail Flash Butt Welding plants of the Indian Railways for several decades. Both, by supplying machines and by providing maintenance and service support for the smooth trouble free operation of the plants. In addition to this, mechelonic engineers has also been instrumental in setting up Long Rail Manufacturing lines at the Bhilai Steel Plant of the Steel Authority of India.

mechelonic engineers has been an active partner of the industries that supply Rolling Stock to the Indian Railways. It has supplied welding equipment to Coach Building plants – both, those operated by the Indian Railways and also those in the Private Sector. The Long Throat 3 Phase DC Spot Welders manufactured by mechelonic engineers have been the workhorses of the various Coach Building plants around the country.

In addition to the Welding Equipment, mechelonic engineers also manufactures and several ancillary machinery for the smooth operations of the welding plants. These include sophisticated Weld Controls, Weld Monitoring Stations, Pre and Post Weld Straightening Presses, and Edge Preparation Machines for pre welding.


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