MEPL’s Ongoing Partnership With The Indian Railways


Mechelonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is the synonymous with Resistance Welding in India. MEPL is known for its engineering prowess, vast experience and its ability to take on the most challenging jobs with a view to providing bespoke, enduring and scientific solutions to the customers who are grappling with problems and constraints.

Gabin Kattukaran, Director, Mechelonic Engineers.Today MEPL continues this tradition by offering the widest range of Resistance welding Solutions and equipment to more industry verticals than any other company in the country. “Our niche is not so much a niche as it is the breadth, and depth of our experience and competence. From Food Packing to Automotive, from Nuclear Fuel to Aerospace, from Agriculture to Railways, if there is a Resistance Welding job to be done, we have, in all probability, already done it,” declares Gabin Kattukaran, Director, Mechelonic Engineers.

He further adds: “Our range includes Spot, Projection, Seam and Flash Butt Welding machines for a variety of applications and industries. We are especially proud of the machines that we have designed, manufactured and delivered to meet the stringent requirements of the Automobiles, White goods, Defence, Aerospace, Railways, Nuclear Fuel Industries, Steel Mills, Electrical Switchgear, Tin Container Packaging and Welded Wire Mesh. These machines have to meet the most exacting technical criteria and have to work flawlessly to achieve the standards required by these demanding sectors.”

MEPL’s indigenous Rail Flash Butt Welding Plant developed for Indian Railways

Mechelonic Engineers have been working continuously with the Indian Railways to keep the country on the move. MEPL has the distinction of having developed indigenously for the first time, a Rail Flash Butt Welding Plant for the Indian Railways. The plant consists of Fully

Automatic Rail Flash Butt Welders with Auto Alignment and Auto Stripping, Weld Flash Strippers, Weld Data Recorders, Rail Straightening Presses with Laser Straightening measurement, Rail Grinding Machines and Rail Brushing Machines for North Eastern Railways for joining the rails and it has been established that Mechelonic Engineers’ Plant is the best among the plants available with the Indian Railways, giving the highest production, trouble-free service and minimum maintenance expenditure.

In recent years, MEPL has supplied another indigenously developed Rail Flash Butt Welding Machine with Rail Straightening Presses to South Central Railway, Moulali. The company also led the consortium that set up the first Rail Flash Butt Welding line at the Bhilai Steel Plant of the Steel Authority of India. This plant pioneered the production of Long Rail Panels in India. This line has been developed to meet the stringent standards required for the manufacture of continuous welded railway tracks.

In addition to machine building, Mechelonic Engineers also provide other value added services. These include providing engineering services to help set up welding plants, providing service & maintenance for large welding plants, and executing turnkey projects.

“Today, what we offer to our customers, the existing and potential, are a combination of commitment, competence and experience. We have a top notch team that takes pride in understanding our customers’ requirements and translating them into solutions that exceed their expectations,” reiterates Gabin in quiet optimism.
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