MECO 2.5kV Digital Insulation Tester


DIT918 is a 2.5KV Digital Insulation Tester with 3½ Digit 1999 Counts Large Display with 20mm digit height. It measures Insulation Resistance upto 20GΩ and AC Voltage upto 600V AC. Test Voltage Range is 500V / 1000V / 2500V DC.

Features :

  • High Accuracy for Insulation Measurement and for AC Voltage Measurement
  • Range Selection & Single Person Push Button Operation
  • Data Holding Function, Function Icons on Display
  • Measurement of AC Voltage upto 600V AC
  • Auto Range (Insulation Test)
  • Res LED Indicator for HV (High Voltage)
  • Battery Operated
  • As per IS10656-1983
  • As per Safety Standard IEC/EN 61010-1 & 61010-31
  • Over Voltage CAT III, 600V
  • As per EMC Standard IEC 61326 Class B

This tester is the best tool for testing of Insulation Resistance and Voltage of Transformers, Switches, High Voltage Systems, Cables, Appliances, Motors, etc.