MECO Multifunction Power & Energy Monitor – Trms Model “MFM-96AF”


MECO Multifunction Power & Energy Monitor - Trms Model MFM-96AF“MECO” Multifunction Power & Energy Monitor, Model : “MFM-96AF” Microcontroller based with MODBUS RTU Protocol is indigenously designed, tooled and manufactured by the R & D Department of MECO and Competitively Priced.

“MFM-96AF” TRMS is 23 Parameters on 46 pages, 4 Rows of 4 Super Bright Red LED Displays, 3 Phase 3 Wire / 3 Phase 4 Wire System (User Selectable) Programmable CTR, PTR, Instrument Address, Password & MD Period are main features.

It Displays Voltage, Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Frequency, Power Factor, Active Energy, Reactive Energy & Apparent Energy (Import / Export – 4 Quadrant operations) Energy Retention & Password Protected Energy Reset Facility, Max. Demand for KW or KVA with user Selectable Demand Interval (5-30 Minutes) are Key features of “MFM-96AF” TRMS.

THD for Voltage & Current, Run Hours, On hours, Phase Angle & Phasor Angle Measurement, Auto / Manual Scroll Display are additional features.

“MFM-96S” is Ideal to monitor & acquire Power Data from Generator, Remote Monitoring, Building Management System, PLC’s / SCADA application, Energy Audit, QC Testing, Power Management, etc.  RS485 Port with MODBUS Protocol & Power Master Software to store parameters on the PC is optional.

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