MECO: SOLAR MODULE ANALYZER (Photovoltaic I-V Curve Tester) Model 9009


SOLAR MODULE ANALYZER (Photovoltaic I-V Curve Tester) Model 9009The MECO Solar Module Analyzer Model – 9009 is a portable analyzer used for testing, maintenance & finding efficiency of various parameters of solar panel and cell. Analyzer can be used to design Solar System to generate specific power. It can identify Solar Power System requirement, best angle of Solar Panel installation and Broken / Worn-Out cells.

Solar Module Analyzer 9009 can scan solar cells/ panels upto 60V and 12A maximum. The portability of this device means that it is also useful in quality assurance at various stages on the production line and can be taken from one site to another. When used in the installation of solar panels, solar panel analyzer assists in determining the proper inverter size as well as optimum power output position of panels & helps to identify defective cells or panels that have worn out over time.

The solar panel analyzer also provides the user with current and voltage (I-V) test curves, maximum solar power (Pmax) as well as current (Ishort, Imax) and voltage (Vnow, Vopen, Vmax). Solar cell/ panel efficiency (%) is also easily determined using the unit. Solar Module Analyzer is supplied with user friendly software for Data Storing and Analysis. Users can store data (.CSV/.TAB) that can be read in MS Excel and print Waveform / Graph via printer.

Other features:

Max. Solar Panel Power (Pmax) search by Auto-Scan : 60V, 12A, Best Resolution of 1mV-1mA, Memory Size 100 Records, Large LCD backlight, Communicate with PC via USB Cable, Manual AC Adaptor and Rechargeable Lithium Battery, I-V Curve with Cursor to Display each Data Point

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