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Pilz is known the world over as a global supplier of safe automation products, systems and services. The company offers solutions for complete automation of plant and machinery, while also supplying individual safety technology components which are oapen, modular and can easily be integrated into the existing automation environment. Pilz India has strategically expanded its presence in India to maintain global proximity and fulfil its commitment to better serve its clients in the subcontinent. The company’s success is predicated on adding substantial value to its clients’ operations through the right blend of technology, solutions, and expertise, reveals Sanjay Kulkarni, Managing Director, Pilz India, who is upbeat about the potential of the dynamic Indian market and wants to make the most of it by being proactive and adapting to the unique market demands. Excerpts:

75 Years

Q. Can you tell us how Pilz India is contributing to safety in the manufacturing sector?

Safety in the manufacturing sector holds great significance, particularly as India witnesses rapid industrial growth. At Pilz India, we take our role as safety advocates seriously. We actively engage with manufacturing units, machine builders, and factories to help them seamlessly adapt to the evolving safety landscape. Our primary focus is on ensuring the safety of both individuals and machines.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art safety products and solutions, we also offer invaluable know-how to our customers. This includes expertise in safety standards, detection mechanisms, and the implementation of safety measures to make their machinery safe. When we represent our company and provide safety automation solutions to our clients, it’s not just about delivering products; it’s about bringing comprehensive safety knowledge to the table.

What sets us apart is our passion for safety, and our consultants are well-versed in the latest technologies and solutions available in the market for complex machinery safety. We are celebrating our 75th anniversary, 75 years of safety. Pilz is a company of standing, in which values are lived. As ambassadors for safety, we ensure the worldwide protection of human, machine, and the environment, with no compromise. Within the company too, we foster a trustful, value-oriented togetherness, which carries us forward.

Q. Could you share more about Pilz India’s expansion plans?

Certainly, we are close to our clients, and we have strategically expanded our presence in India to maintain global proximity and fulfil our commitment to better serve our clients. As part of our expansion plans, we are in the process of relocating to a new office space in the coming months. This move is an exciting development for Pilz India, and once we complete the transition, we will be sure to share all the information with you. Additionally, we are significantly increasing our workforce by approximately 25% in the coming year. This expansion aligns with our strategy to ensure that we possess the necessary resources to support our clients effectively.

Furthermore, we are actively exploring opportunities to support international clients from our base in India, thereby extending our global reach. This reflects our commitment to continuous growth and our dedication to offering our expertise and solutions to clients both locally and on a global scale.

Q. How did Pilz India manage the challenges posed by the disruptions in recent years?

In addition to the technological preparedness and proactive measures we took to address disruptions, such as investing in advanced cloud-based solutions well in advance, we also recognized and managed the challenges posed by raw material shortages in the world. To ensure uninterrupted service to our clients, we strategically maintained a significant stock of products at our office tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. This strategic stockpile allowed us to mitigate the impact of external disruptions on our supply chain and meet our clients’ needs reliably. It was a vital part of our resilience strategy during these challenging times.

Our ability to adapt efficiently to remote work, maximize output with a limited workforce, provide remote and on-site support while adhering to relevant guidelines, and manage products shortages contributed collectively to our ongoing success, reinforcing our commitment to our clients and our determination to navigate disruptions effectively.

Automation Milestones

Q. What do you foresee for Pilz India in 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024, we have confidence that it will be another productive year for Pilz India. Over the past three years, we have consistently set and exceeded ambitious targets and aim to continue this trend. Our growth projections for 2024 are conservative, targeting growth exceeding 30% compared to 2023. Our success is predicated on adding substantial value to our clients’ operations through the right blend of technology, solutions, and expertise. We believe this strategy will continue to drive our growth within the Indian market.

Q. What challenges do you see in the Indian market?

Operating in the Indian market presents distinct challenges. Raising safety awareness remains a critical challenge, as safety is sometimes perceived as optional rather than essential. We are actively working to change this perception by educating both end-users and factories about the importance of safety. Another challenge lies in acquiring and upskilling talent with a deep understanding of safety standards and regulations. Furthermore, convincing customers that safety is not an optional add-on but a fundamental component of machinery represents an ongoing challenge. Despite these challenges, we are making strides in building awareness among end-users and factories about the pivotal role safety plays.

Q. You also mentioned industrial automation. What are the opportunities and challenges in this area for India?

Industrial automation offers significant potential benefits for Indian industries. These benefits encompass enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, improved safety, optimized resource utilization, and error reduction. Automation also equips businesses with the agility to adapt to shifting market demands. However, there are both opportunities and challenges associated with implementing automation in India. The opportunities are substantial, but there exists room for greater awareness and understanding of the advantages of automation among businesses and decision-makers. We recognize the need for educating the market about the potential value of automation.

Another challenge pertains to integrating automation with existing infrastructure and systems. Many Indian industries have well-established processes and machinery that require alignment with automation solutions. Collaboration with industry stakeholders is essential to effectively address integration challenges. Furthermore, the data requirements of automation systems introduce challenges. While cloud storage offers scalability, it raises concerns about data security. Ensuring the security of sensitive production data stored in the cloud is a critical challenge that necessitates attention. Achieving seamless integration of automation within existing infrastructure and systems is also a complex endeavour. Nonetheless, by focusing on security aspects, addressing integration challenges, and emphasizing data needs, Indian industries can harness the benefits of industrial automation efficiently and safely. At Pilz India, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive automation solutions and supporting businesses through our expertise, technology, and local presence.

Q. India is on a growth trajectory. How do you perceive the opportunities for investment in the country?

India is undoubtedly on a growth trajectory, emerging as one of the fastest-growing major economies globally. It is poised to become one of the top economic powers in the coming years. Historical data demonstrates that investments in India have yielded favourable returns. This growth extends to various industries, including manufacturing. We have observed a significant increase in investments by our clients in their plants and factories in the last couple of years, indicating substantial demand and growth. This presents an opportunity for both domestic and international investors to participate in India’s growth story. It is an opportune time to consider investments in India, given its economic potential and the willingness of businesses to invest in their operations.

Q. What advice would you give to companies looking to invest in India?

For companies contemplating investments in India, achieving the right balance between product cost and market expectations is crucial. Offering solutions that are adaptable and can be easily scaled based on customer requirements is essential. Indian customers are open to investing in solutions that provide value beyond high-end technology. Flexibility and scalability are key considerations. Additionally, acquiring the right talent and individuals skilled in navigating the Indian market is vital. India’s diverse business landscape demands a deep understanding of local nuances. Building a team capable of connecting with the market and adapting to its unique demands is a fundamental aspect of successful investment in India. In summary, while India offers considerable opportunities, a strategic and adaptable approach is imperative to maximize the potential of this dynamic market.


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