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Sankara Raman is a Plastics Technologist by profession and a Management graduate with over 35 years of industrial experience, with the maximum number of years of his career at Raychem RPG. Previously he worked at VIP Industries.

A long-standing member at Raychem RPG and part of the Management, Sankara joined the company in 1993, where he handled various roles like Operations, Supply Chain, Customer service, sales, Key Account Management and as a SBU head for multiple businesses. He has dealt with many migrations projects from Europe to India and was the Project Manager for one of the acquisitions and Mergers done in RaychemRPG and established many plants in Maharashtra and Gujarat. He is one of the torchbearers for the Heatshrink and Cold shrink Technology initiative in Raychem RPG and holds a few patents under his belt.

Self-designated workaholic, engineering is in his blood, and he is constantly driving his team to evolve in new technologies and develop innovative solutions for customers. A music enthusiast, he is trained in Indian Classical music and is a good singer.

Raychem RPG, incorporated in 1989, is a 50:50 joint venture between RPG Enterprises, India and TE Connectivity, USA (formerly Tyco Electronics). The company is a leading enabler of technology solutions for asset protection and loss reduction in the energy, oil and gas segments. In the energy segment, Raychem RPG’s technologies improve the performance, reliability and economy of electrical networks and equipment. Raychem RPG’s power and distribution transformers have consistently performed for over 10 years in harsh environments. The company provides top-quality solutions in preventing, monitoring and controlling corrosion for pipelines in the hydrocarbon industry and water sector. Raychem RPG has been successfully exporting precision engineering components to customers worldwide. With off-shore projects extending to ASEAN, Middle-East and African countries, Americas, Germany & China, the company continues to make its presence felt across the globe.

In any economy, the energy sector is one of the most crucial and has the ability and capability to ensure sustained economic growth and development. In a country like India, which has the highest population in the world, this translates into being a focal sector, especially in the transmission distribution space. TE/Raychem RPG is known as the most reliable cable accessories company in the world. Under the Make In India campaign, Raychem RPG started manufacturing EHV cable accessories beyond 72kV upto 245kV at our state-of-the-art Halol plant. We were the first to invest in India in this segment, and as a torchbearer, we have turned around the market with respect to lead time expectations. With our continuous efforts, dedicated team and zest for bringing the highest quality products, we have managed to cater to many customers even during emergencies. The market is seeing significant growth in this space, and because of the Make In India and localization initiatives, Raychem RPG is riding the wave as a market leader and benefiting the economy.

Another interesting next-gen product under Make in India is our EPDM screened Elbow Terminations for medium voltage, up to 33 KV. It is the first of its kind in India, fully qualified as per IEC and is being exported to European countries through its principles. This was indeed a proud moment for us to have been able to generate export revenue for the country.

In 2014, we were the first to introduce and promote covered conductors in India under the Amokabel brand. As a product, it is one of the technologically superior products that has made us the leading player in reliable products, and it was the first of its kind in India. Since 2017 this has been manufactured in India, supporting the Make in India campaign.

One of the most significant industrial developments to have emerged is Industry 4.0. There have been many examples of how Raychem RPG, as an organization, is using industry 4.0 to solve business problems. We have resolved quality issues for our customers in the insulators product line, which are used in high-speed rails in Europe and Power utilities in harsh environments. We have digitalized the entire process by making dumb machines smart, digitizing the entire process, interlocking them, and making them talk to each other using digital technology. We have been able to send highly reliable products across the globe. We are the first and leader in getting each product uniquely numbered, bringing a high level of traceability and 100% reliable products for our customers.

In the trying times of Covid-19, travelling was restricted, making it difficult for customers to reach out to us for the inspection of products. Manufacturing had resumed, and Raychem RPG introduced an online inspection for the customers using digital technology; this was a massive success in visually seeing it on camera and meeting the inspection criteria. And the test methods and the results by which we could generate online reports were sent to the customers for approval. Today it is a way of life and getting upgraded to the next level of smartness. There are many more stories on the Digital and Industry 4 0 journey, which goes beyond manufacturing and even into our services.

ELECRAMA is the largest standalone show in the electrical and allied equipment industry. It brings together the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the planet from source to socket and everything in between. We are happy to be part of the 4th edition and proudly showcasing our innovative, one-of-a-kind products in Hall 11, G3H4. Come and be part of our Make in India and digital journey.