ReeR’s Global Leadership in Safety Light Curtains, Controllers & Switches

ReeR is an Italian company established in 1959 to distribute components for industry, lighting and home automation. In mid-70’s it developed the first light curtains. Today ReeR is a world leader in the manufacture of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety. The company’s Safety Division provides accurate support service to its customers spread across 50 countries. In an exclusive interview, the director A.Zavier Paul Antony tells us all about the range of its offerings for most demanding applications, and its technologtival excellence and application knowhow which culminate in providing 360 degree service support to its customers worldwide. Excerpts:

Q. ReeR is a leading brand in the safety automation industry at a worldwide level, please brief us an overall outlook of REER SAFETY as a global company & its Indian infrastructure?

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1959, ReeR has emerged as an example of innovation and technology in the safety automation industry on a global scale. With dedication to progress and quality, we have become synonymous with state-of-the-art safety sensors and optoelectronic controllers for Safety industrial applications our position among the world’s leading manufacturers in the industry.

Our active involvement in national, European and international standards committees ensures that ReeR remains at the forefront of machine safety regulations. By actively contributing valuable insights and feedback, we play a key role in promoting a culture of safety. This commitment has driven us to reach new heights by expanding our product range through skilled technicians and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

In addition to our wide range of products, our global expertise shines through the efforts of our Safety Division with subsidiaries in India, China, Korea, United States and Spain, supported by an extensive network of qualified distributors, we provide unparalleled customer service in more than 65 countries around the world.

ReeR has been active in the Indian market for more than 20 years through a channel of authorized distributors.

In 2018 Mr A Zavier Paul Antony has been appointed as Country Manager to further develop the Indian market and to lead and support the distribution network with Sales & Marketing activities.

Being a growing company with a great potential customer base, we have expanded our network in Northern India, Western India by appointing Product Manager, Sales Engineer, Commercial Sales Coordinator.

Today we are excited to announce the opening of the ReeR India Private Limited Subsidiary office in Chennai, confirming our commitment to the Indian market. We are proud to introduce our esteemed team members Kannika Parameswari Murugan, Nikunj Chitroda, Chandeshwar Kumar, and our esteemed Director, Zavier Paul Antony.

Currently, we boast a strong network of authorized distributors throughout India, meticulously selected to provide complete automation security solutions for different customer needs and applications. Rest assured that our prompt deliveries and unwavering commitment to first-class customer service are guaranteed.

ReeR India

Q. Please also highlight ReeR presence in the Safety & Technical committees and your prime focus areas in the manufacturing industry?

ReeR leads the standardization process, actively engaging in major national and international organizational committees to define machinery safety requirements. Our ongoing commitment focuses on operator safety and machine safety, ensuring maximum protection in these crucial areas.

As a key player in the industry, ReeR is proud to be part of influential international technical committees, such as ISO/TC 199 – CEN/TC 114 and IEC/TC44 – CLC/TC 44X. By collaborating with these esteemed bodies, we shape the future of safety standards on a global scale.

At the national level, ReeR’s involvement extends to esteemed National Technical Committees such as IEC/TC 44 and the UNI Safety Committee. This close collaboration allows us to contribute our experience and knowledge to the development of safety standards at the local level.

In addition, ReeR actively participates in several committees that are critical to the advancement of safety standards. These include IEC-61496-1, IEC 61496-2, IEC 61496-3, IEC 61496-4-2, IEC 61496-4-3, IEC 62046, ISO 13849-1, ISO 13850, IEC TS 62998-1, and IEC TR 62998-2. Active participation in these committees allows us to be at the forefront of security innovation, ensuring that our solutions are always compliant and aligned with the latest industry standards.

Q. What are the market opportunities for your company’s products in the manufacturing industry?

In every industry, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is crucial. As a global manufacturer specializing in optoelectronic sensors and controllers for industrial automation safety, ReeR is at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art safety devices to a wide range of industries. Our customer base includes the automotive industry, machine tools, machine makers, packaging and palletizing, system integrators, pharmaceuticals, tool gates, and more.

Our unwavering commitment to providing immediate access to the right products for every application sets us apart from the competition. This advantage is made possible by our strategic approach of maintaining a comprehensive stock of fast-moving products within our extensive network of distributors throughout India. With ReeR, customers can trust in our ability to quickly provide the solutions they need to ensure optimal security in their operations.

Q. What is the future prospect for automation solutions for the manufacturing industry?

Demand for automation solutions in the manufacturing sector is steadily increasing, driven by the need to improve efficiency and minimize costs. Manufacturers recognize the fundamental role of automation technology in revolutionizing their operations. ReeR is a pioneer in this field, consistently offering state-of-the-art safety products and innovative solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry. As the industry moves towards the adoption of Industry 4.0 and other transformative manufacturing approaches, ReeR remains determined to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable manufacturers to thrive in the age of automation.

ReeR India

Q. Are there any plans for expansion & new investment in terms of product development or new technology adoption to cater to the demand of the industry?

ReeR’s commitment to technological excellence and application know-how defines our essence. With 15% of our talented workforce dedicated to R&D, we possess significant expertise in safety hardware, software and firmware.
Our product range continues to expand, positioning ReeR as a leading provider of safety solutions for industrial environments. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and investment allows us to maintain this pivotal role, providing our customers with reliable and effective solutions.

There are exciting developments underway at ReeR. We recently launched the revolutionary MOSAIC M1S COM master unit, which sets new standards in the industry. In addition, we are hard at work on an innovative safety light curtain that will be unveiled in 2023 and promises to redefine safety standards once again.

In line with our commitment to progress, ReeR has expanded its facilities at its headquarter in Turin, Italy. We doubled our production and office space and opened a state-of-the-art technical centre. This expansion allows us to improve our capabilities, fostering an environment where innovative ideas are transformed into real solutions.

Q. What is the top line product range & Are there any plans to launch new products?

ReeR proudly presents an extensive and premium product range that encompasses the best-in-class solutions. From the exceptional EOS Safety Light Curtains to the precision-driven MICRON Measurement and Automation Light Curtains, and from the cutting-edge MOSAIC Safety Controllers to the reliable SR Safety Relays, Contactless Safety Sensors, and Safety Laser Scanners, our offerings are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

The latest from the Italian manufacturer, R-Safe RFID are safety switches for position control of movable guards. Once again, safety, reliability and efficiency make this device versatile in numerous applications. The opportunity for series connection also allows easy installation by reducing wiring and set-up time.

Let us shed light on the remarkable features of our MOSAIC safety controllers. Mosaic serves as a safety hub, seamlessly managing all safety functions within machinery and plants. Its configurable and scalable nature allows for cost reductions and simplified wiring processes. Mosaic expertly handles safety sensors and signals, including light curtains, photocells, laser scanners, emergency stops, guard-lock safety door switches, and more.

By reducing the number of devices and wiring required, Mosaic streamlines project sizes while delivering optimal safety.

Our intuitive graphic interface empowers users to configure all logic with ease, ensuring tamper-proof system configurations. Gone are the days of laborious wiring associated with traditional solutions, as ReeR’s innovations expedite control panel construction. By using fewer electromechanical components, our solutions achieve higher levels of performance while reducing costs and installation time.

In the realm of new product launches, we proudly introduce the Mosaic M1S COM, an Enhanced Master Unit with Fieldbus Interface. Unveiled at the esteemed SPS (Smart Product Solution) fair in Parma, Italy, this cutting-edge addition integrates two RJ45 network connectors, facilitating seamless connections to field bus and network for remote control capabilities.

ReeR India

Q. What is your vision for your company?

ReeR’s vision drives us to continue to improve and maintain our leading position in optoelectronic safety light curtains, safety controllers and measuring light curtains. We continuously innovate, offering reliable and effective solutions that prioritize operator protection. Our commitment to excellence allows us to meet the unique needs of each application, ensuring optimal safety in a variety of sectors.

We are immensely proud of our ability to satisfy customers in over 65 countries around the world. With a global attendance, we provide accurate and comprehensive support services to our valued customers, regardless of their location. We put the customer and their needs at the center of our business, offering solutions and personalized support that set us apart in the market.

Q. What are the factors you need to address that are related to the machine safety technology industry?

In every industry, operator and machine safety is crucial. At ReeR, we recognize the key importance of creating fail-safe and error-proof environments wherever operator safety is required. As the world’s leading manufacturer of safety sensors and controllers for industrial automation, we are firmly committed to prioritizing these factors.

Trust ReeR to deliver the state-of-the-art solutions you need to ensure the highest levels of safety in any industrial environment.