SDTRONICS Encoder/ Feedback / Resolver Cables


SDTRONICS is in field of automation cables for the past 25 years. We are supporting many MNCs dealing in SERVO, ENCODER, CNC, ROBOT and PLC for import substitute cables. Let us discuss about Encoder/ feedback/ resolver cables.

These cables are used for data transmission for servo motors in various length and wattage as well. We proudly support more than 250 companies including the ones like Mitsubishi, Schneider, Delta, Omron, Fanuc, Siemens OEM, Pan-India for various automation accessories.

In the encoder cable category, we have a wide range as per data sensitivity and application. While selecting cable, we consider application, wattage, distance between servos drive and motor. When we talk about application, we determine whether it is standard (i.e. stationed) or drag chain (i.e. movable).

All cables used for this segment are shielded, twisted as a basic specification and compatible with CE and ROHS norms. As per site condition, we add drag chain duty cable which have bending capacity in million while functioning. This is possible due to our experienced technical team.

Our customers provide us only the part number of motor, servo and our technical team takes care of the other parameters. The quality of our cable is as per the standards that are defined by the parent company.

We test all cables functionally on servo and motor set-up with a special program. We are providing practical solutions to our customers from available product range.

This avoids cost hike due to special cables i.e. hybrid cables. We support these types of cables up to 75 m. We provide total plug and play solution for automation cable.



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