Silicone Suction Bellow For Bakery Industries



A silicone Suction Cup is designed to suck or lift an item with the help of vacuum. The suction Cup is Flexible concave shaped object that has soft sealable rim and some springiness to the cup that forces is back towards its concave shape.

How do suction cup works

When we press a suction cup against a surface, the air eliminates the pressure inside the cup and Creates Vacuum which seals the cup tightly to the surface and get stick. This helps in Gripping and holding items.

Silicone Suction Bellow For Bakery Industries

Uses of suction cup in Food Industry

  • It’s suitable for applications for handling breads, cakes, buns, pastries and packaging delicate items. These Silicone suction bellow are widely used as a fast & effective method of extracting bakery products from oven pans on a moving conveyor belt. The heat and speed of this process results in inevitable wear on silicone based suction bellow.
  • Suction cups can be used to hold piping bags while applying icing or frosting to cakes or other baked goods. Bakers can have more control over the application of the icing, resulting in a more consistent and even distribution.
  • Suction cups can also be used during the proofing process of dough. By attaching suction cups to the dough and removing excess air, bakers can help ensure that the dough rises evenly and consistently.
  • Flour is a common ingredient used in many baked goods. Suction bellows can be used to move flour from storage silos or bags to mixing equipment without generating dust or contaminating the environment.
  • Overall, suction bellows play an important role in the safe and efficient handling of ingredients and finished products in bakery industries.

Ami polymer Pvt ltd is a key player expertise in silicone. The suction cup are made of advanced grade silicone rubber which conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177. 2600 for the food grade criteria that can meet the requirement of food industry.

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