SolutionOne ERP is one of the most trusted partners for our business


In the beginning, we were keeping track of business operations using spreadsheets and various cloud-based programs. As business grew, these processes became unmanageable. When we started looking at different applications, we were elated to see SolutionOne ERP. They were able to give us the visibility and tools we needed to manage our growing business.

At very first, we were a little concerned about maintaining and migrating the integrity of our data, running our business during the cut-over process and fulfilling our training needs. But SolutionOne ERP really took care of us, and I was impressed with how well they knew our product and business process.

They have designed a very user-friendly and paperless system which makes record keeping much easier. All data is current, live scheduling, perfect history tracking, and it’s also a time clock system. We get a live feedback on how our progress is currently at all stages of production. Every department across the company uses interconnected modules that auto- fill information throughout the company. Also, it has helped us to reduce maintenance time, improve manufacturing process, generating sheet-plate cutting instructions that helps to reduce rework and scrap, quotation lead times, produce professionally looking datasheets and many more. It is running fast and hassle-free at functionality level e.g. multi-level Bill-Of-Materials.  It helps us know the inventory data, price details, metal content details, machine setup details, technical datasheet and more.

Today, the process is ongoing as we continue to grow and build our capabilities in the system and we consider it is consistently responsive to our needs and has found its place as one of the most trusted partners we have for our business. Any challenge or new concepts I am throwing around, I reach out to SolutionOne ERP for some guidance, which is greatly appreciated. We have received excellent training and support, and our requests for information or assistance are always answered quickly by their team. We are very happy to have chosen SolutionOne ERP and would definitely recommend them to others.


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