Storopack: Continually contributing a greener tomorrow


Q. Storopack is known as a global leader in protective packaging solutions. What sets your company apart from competitors in the industry?

We are a team of well-trained professionals, a part of 150-year-old family run business, having customer centric approach with an aim to deliver highly sustainable, technologically advanced tailor-made packaging solutions providing 360° protection to our customer products thereby contributing to a greener tomorrow with our continued efforts. Our passionate team whose undaunting spirit when combined with the innovative product line is what sets us apart from the rest!

Except people & products, Storopack as a company stands for being a trustworthy organisation. We are known to be a very transparent organisation who are true to the commitment made, thus creating a healthy competitive environment in the market.

Q. How does Storopack work closely with its customers to develop tailored protective packaging solutions?

Five steps to optimal protective packaging and ergonomic procedures – in the Storopack process, we combine comprehensive consulting, technical expertise, and innovation in order to develop the right solution for you. We analyze the existing packaging and production processes and the current cost situation. On this basis, we ensure ergonomic workflows, optimal value for money, and protective packaging and technical molded parts, which can be integrated into your processes with ease.

We can use components of our comprehensive portfolio or customize something new just for you. Thanks to our network of sites around the world, we manufacture in close proximity to you, deliver just in time, and are personally available at all times to assist you with our technical know-how. Depending on your requirements, you have access to our entire Storopack process or individual sections.

Q. The concept of sustainability is increasingly important in today’s business environment. How does Storopack approach sustainability in its operations and product offerings?

Sustainability is the backbone of our product development. The Family honestly believes and shares that same concern that any individual has looking at the future of the planet. The vision is always set in long terms like what are we are leaving for the future generation; this drives us in creating products that are better in every aspect including the end of life. Storopack’s commitment towards sustainability is evident through its product range. Each and every product range has recycled options. The products are reusable, thus improving the carbon footprint of the organisation. We have taken it an Organisation Goal to “Source at least 50% of our raw materials from recycled or renewable resources by 2025”. Our product line AIRplus®, PAPERplus® and FOAMplus® are produced JIT at the location of end consumption eliminating the need to ship huge volumes of air to each and every customer of ours making it greener solution. All our products are light weight, thus helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint.

Q. With the rapid advancement of technology, how is Storopack leveraging innovation to stay ahead in the market and meet the evolving needs of customers?

Innovation is one of our core values. A quick glance at the Storopack’s product range will give you an idea of how dedicated we are to our core value of innovation. Pioneers in bringing in100% recycled film for Air pillows, we also brought in the first 100% kitchen compostable Air pillows which is 97% compostable in natural environment within 12 months of disposal.

Also, the first company to bring the best quality Paper bubble. Our paper bubble is structured in the way it is and not just embossed. Thus, the bubble retains its shape always and is much more effective a protective packing compared to commercial plastic bubble and any other wrapping solution in the market.

Innovation and technology had always been the strength of Storopack’s operations. We have products that are patented and technologically ahead of time.

Q. What are some of the major challenges or trends that Storopack anticipates in the protective packaging industry in the coming years? How is the company preparing to address them?

The growth story of India has seen accelerated in the last 8 years. Same trend is evident in the packaging market. Manufacturers of any products want to improve their packaging helping them demand premium. Packaging is no longer only seen as a function product but is now a part of brand building exercise.
Both the industrial product manufacturer and the new start-ups who are also the manufacturers are keen on utilizing the best protective packaging solution and this is just the beginning. We are growing consistently at a CAGR of 15% in India which is double than the market growth which is pegged at 7% CAGR. The growth is mainly due to our PAPERplus® product line having solution for all the protective packaging challenges like surface protection, cushioning, void filling and block and brace; is seeing increase in demand especially with the market sentiments moving away from SUP in packaging.

Q. Storopack is a family-run company. How does this influence the company’s culture and decision-making processes?

Yes. Being a family run company, does have a major impact on the way we work and the culture we practice. We are more receptive to the requirements of our employees. We make sure that they have time for a good work-life balance. We consider that not only our employees but even their family members are a part of our family. 2500 families is the thought process we start with while making critical decisions regarding the organisation and its working. We have options for flexible working hours and hybrid working in locations and profiles that can benefit from the same. We involve our employees at all levels of decision-making. Thus, making sure that they are involved and understand the importance & outcomes of the decision made.