Tata Power Club Enerji saves 17.25 Million units nationally


Tata Power Club Enerji saves 17.25 Million units nationallyTata Power’s nationwide resource and energy conservation movement Club Enerji, has been relentlessly spreading awareness about resource conservation across the country, through its theme of national building. In line with this, the Club Enerji movement has successfully achieved a significant milestone of saving 17.25 million units of electricity by sensitising more than 12.8 million citizens across 11 locations in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore,Lonavala, Maithon, Belgaum, Jamshedpur and Ranchi. This saving is equivalent to saving 17000 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the amount of energy.

Anil Sardana, CEO &Managing Director, Tata Power, said, “Tata Power has always been committed to the cause of saving energy and propagated resource conservation practices since its inception. I take this opportunity to thank all the students, schools and our Club Enerji team for supporting Tata Power in its efforts to save our planet and light up lives for the years to come.” Since its inception in 2007, Club Enerji has been active in over 500 schools and has created 1337 Mini Clubs all over India. The club has now created more than 195216 Energy Champions and 241917 Energy Ambassadors among school students. In 2015-16, ClubEnerji has saved over 2.5 million units and sensitised close to 3.5 million citizens. In 2015-16, Club Enerji had launched an online module, whose objective is to reach out to a larger audience and impact a larger group of IT skilled children with a vision to transform by adopting a holistic and robust approach towards conservation.

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