The Importance of OBO GKS Engineered Cable Trays in Industrial Plants


obo bettermann LogoModern industrial plants face many potential hazards that can damage power, data, and control cables. Soiling, vibrations, and other industrial factors can create a challenging environment. That’s why it’s essential for electrical installations to be able to withstand these conditions. OBO Engineered cable tray system provides a solution by offering an open space for routing cables, protecting them against corrosion, and allowing heat to dissipate. Our cable trays undergoes rigorous testing, including corrosion testing, in order to ensure their effectiveness in harsh environments.

The Importance of OBO GKS Engineered Cable Trays in Industrial Plants

OBO engineered cable trays come in two surface variants: Post-galvanized (FT) and Pre-galvanized (FS). The post-galvanized variant is designed specifically for industrial environments and can be utilized in machine and systems construction. On the other hand, the Pre-galvanized surface is recommended for interior areas without specific requirements.

Special Features

  • OBO eco-friendly cable trays are engineered to perfection to achieve better performance and rigidity.
  • Confirms to the Limit of Deflection with 1.7 times safety factor.
  • Recommended Safe Working Load chart available for support distance up to 2.5 meters.
  • Uniform finish and highest quality through completely automated manufacturing process.
  • Perforated and Unperforated cable trays in strip and hot dip galvanized versions.
  • Available in side heights of 60mm and 100mm with widths from 50mm to 500mm.
  • Snap-fit covers for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Wide range of accessories for customized & weld free installations.

The Importance of OBO GKS Engineered Cable Trays in Industrial Plants

Good reasons to choose OBO Cable tray systems

  • Return flange arrangement enhances the mechanical stability of the cable tray
  • Deep drawn perforation increases the robustness of the cable tray and also protects the cables from damage.
  • OBO cable trays confirms to the load performance guidelines, as per IEC/IS standards.

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