Wiring up the Future: Polycab India’s Journey towards Electrical Eminence


A legacy spanning 50+ years

Polycab India Limited (PIL), founded in 1968 is India’s largest manufacturer of Wires and Cables, and one of the fastest growing FMEG companies with a consolidated turnover of over INR 141 Bn in FY23.

The company has witnessed dramatic growth in the last two decades. Not only has it established itself as a leader in the wires and cables industry but also expanded its product range to include green cables, solar products, fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG) and more.

Polycab: Poised for exponential growth

The consumer electricals industry contributes almost 1.5% to India’s GDP. Our country is set to cement its position as the world’s third largest electricity producer and second-largest electricity consumer. As India makes progress, the consumer electricals industry is poised to grow with it and, as a leading player, Polycab will be a key contributor to India’s growth story.

Polycab’s momentum has been driven by growth in its B2C business and sustained B2B demand powered by India’s strong growth across sectors, in addition to its ever-expanding international footprint – all underpinned by an unwavering focus on quality. Going forward, Polycab intends to deliver sustainable value to its customers through innovation and strategic initiatives in the B2C segment.

Maintaining a strong relationship with stakeholders has been one of the key pillars of Polycab’s growth. It has consistently recognised this and has invested in training key stakeholders through numerous programs at its Polycab Experts Academy.

“Polycab’s journey from a small retail shop to a leading electrical and cable manufacturer in India reflects its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the electrical industry. The company continues to play a pivotal role in powering India’s growth and development in the 21st century”, said Mr. Bhushan Sawhney, Executive President and Chief Business Officer Polycab India Limited.

A new dawn: Polycab’s new brand identity

In an era where branding plays a pivotal role in establishing a company’s identity and forging connections with customers, Polycab recognizes the significance of refreshing its brand. This isn’t just a superficial makeover, but rather a profound shift in perspective.

The improvement of R&D through the acquisition of Silvan and the scaling up its influencer engagement program is an investment in the future of its FMEG business. Polycab is also tapping into newer growth avenues. International business has been a key growth driver for Polycab in fiscal 2023 by contributing 9.8% to its total revenue.

The brand’s visual identity is inspired by the most unique and biggest inspiration that became the reference to create experience systems that represent ‘connecting all to a brighter future’. This metaphor is taken from the rising sun. It brings so much for all with new dreams, new technology and new opportunities to protect the planet.

The new tagline “Ideas.Connected.” builds on the idea of a future where innovative products simplify lives. And that begins with a thoughtful idea, which connects to a brighter future. The brand’s purpose of ‘Connecting all to a brighter future’ is to drive greater interaction between business verticals, provide scope for future services and create roles for internal and external motivation.

Polycab aims to connect with its audience on a deeper level, becoming not just a supplier but an integral part of their journey towards electrical excellence.

The new brand aims to convey the concept of collaboratively creating a brighter and more sustainable future. It conveys the idea that Polycab is not just a manufacturer but a partner in the journey towards progress. Polycab is designing products that are purposeful in order to make lives brighter, and its innovative ideas will transform the present into the future.

Focussing on the ethos of humanity and the myriad connections it fosters, the new brand identity will focus on shifting to a consumer-centric business from the traditional manufacturing-centric model. The pillars of the new brand will constitute a diverse range of products such as home automation products, FMEG goods, improved customer experience, and sustainable cables and wires to comply with evolving climate change goals.

Commenting on the brand refresh, Nilesh Malani, Executive President and Chief Marketing Officer, Polycab India Limited said, “Polycab has revamped its brand identity to reflect its promise to cater to consumers directly and establish itself as a solid player in the FMEG sector. The rebranding is not just a visual identity of brand architecture but a strategic shift that underscores Polycab’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a brighter future. By evolving from the age-old tagline ‘Connection Zindagi Ka’ to ‘Ideas. Connected.’ Polycab is embracing a paradigm shift that not only amalgamates people and sustainable living solutions but also paves the way for a new era of growth and relevance.”

When searching for cues to design the new logo and the company motto, Malani said that they drew inspiration from the dawn. “We found this inspiration from the dawn. Every sunrise is awe inspiring and it connects with all of us in unique ways. The new identity borrows the promise and positivity of the same as our fuel for innovation,” he added.

As an ongoing part of the brand’s evolution, Polycab is introducing several new products and product categories to show its renewed and robust commitments to innovation and future-thinking. As a reflection of our commitment, it is launching a wide range of products and services from the following series:
Design Series: Stunning Products that look like a charm and work like magic. Adding these appliances in your home makes it both aesthetic and smart.

Tech Series:
Cutting edge products designed with the latest technologies, these products strive to deliver quality living to customers by making their homes and other places smarter and user-friendly, thus making lives easier than ever.

Green Series:
This breakthrough series promotes sustainable innovation. The products are energy efficient and compliant and contribute towards the plant’s sustainability goals.

Celebration Series:
This popular range of modern products represents a perfect blend of high-end, cutting-edge technology and premium design that enchance the beauty of customer’s homes.

As Polycab India continues to innovate and evolve, they are not just wiring up the present but also lighting the path to a brighter electrical future. With their commitment to partnership, innovation, and sustainability, Polycab is poised to lead the way in shaping the electrifying future of India and beyond.