POLYCAB electrifying india’s growth

Bhushan Sawhney, Executive President and Chief Business Officer (Cables) Polycab India Ltd.
Bhushan Sawhney, Executive President and Chief Business Officer (Cables) Polycab India Ltd.

Q. What does your product basket look like today?

Polycab India Limited is India’s largest manufacturer and seller of an extensive range of Wires and Cables, and a prominent player in the Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG), which includes Smart Automations Solution, Fans, Lights, Switches, Switchgears, Water Heaters, Pumps, Solar, Cable Accessories, and passive Telecom products with an established export presence.

Q. What are the different types of cables & wires you manufacture today, and which are the industries you serve?

Polycab is a customer focused company with the latest technology, we manufacture a diverse portfolio for Industrial purpose like Power & Control cables, High Voltage cables, EHV cables, Optical Fiber Cables, Instrumentation cables, Rubber cables, Fire Survival cables, Railway Signaling cables, for Residencial Flexible cables, Telephone Cables, Co-axial cables, LAN cables, Solar Cables, other cables such as CCTV and submersible cables.

We also manufacture special cables like Instrumentation Cables, Automotive Cables, Variable Frequency Cables, Metal Clad Cables, Cables for Nuclear Power Plant, Airport Lighting Cables, Marine Cables, Oil and Gas-Onshore and Offshore cable and Defense Cables. By catering to today’s dynamic market trends, we are all set to leap to a bright tomorrow with a growth-focused mindset.

Q. Please give some idea of your production facilities and manufacturing excellence.

Polycab is an integrated manufacturer and supplier of wires, cables, and fast-moving electrical goods with an expansive manufacturing in India and a global operational presence. We have 25 manufacturing facilities and 28 Warehouses and depots that leverage some of the best technologies in the industry. We use insulation and sheathing compounds that are developed inhouse at our R&D center, proving the Company’s end-to-end capabilities.

We intend to offer a wide gamut of world-class products to our partners, which caters to rising consumers’ aspirations, while enabling channel partners to achieve long term sustainable growth as well. We are expanding our conduits and fitting facilities to get a faster turnaround time.

To cater the international demand, we have export presence in more than 60+ countries. Also, our vast distribution network of 4600+ dealers and distributors and 205000+ retailers enable us to provide distinguished services to our customers.

Polycab India Ltd

Q. Your company is technology-driven. How do you resonate R&D with your product innovations?

R&D remains one of our key strengths which enables it to achieve product differentiation and offer unique value proposition to our consumers, distribution, dealers as well as institutional customers.

Polycab believes that a company’s most important asset is its employees, hence hiring the best talent plays a vital role in organisations growth. Polycab hires from premier institutions and train them to put their fresh minds to research and development under equally talented and experienced leaders. To complement the capabilities of the workforce, Polycab provides them proper incubation with state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment.

Our in-house R&D center, located at Halol, Gujarat, is certified by Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR, Government of India), and is continuously working on new product development in the Wires & Cables space. Catering to ever evolving market requirements a large team of R&D and technical professionals support the manufacturing function through their expertise in research process, design, performance, and project management.

Q. How do you instill and ensure quality and reliability in your products and processes? After all, safety at the user end is of paramount importance.

Quality has always played an important role in our brand salience, and we will continue to strengthen this distinction. We have a robust system of monitoring quality in accordance with defined standards.

Our quality control system is supported by a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for timely response to customer calls/complaints, first pass yield (FPY) improvement on a regular basis Layout inspection on a regular basis, inspection of components for critical to quality (CTQ) dimensions; layout inspection done on a yearly basis to cover 100% dimensions of components as per their consumption. This ensures that even the non-critical dimensions do not change beyond the specified tolerance in due course, Test reports are generated through ERP, Common complaints resolution videos prepared for convenience.

Q. Tell us something about your customer base at home and footprints & performance overseas if export is a thrust area.

We strive to deliver customized and innovative products with speed and quality service to our diverse customer base across wide range of industries through our areas of operation in India and in global markets. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities are accredited with quality management system and are compliant with global standards.

We leverage our wide and deeply entrenched pan-India distribution network to drive growth in existing and new businesses.

With presence in more than 60 countries our growth in exports was broad based across most geographies with strong traction in America, Asia and the CIS region.

Q. What are your major strengths, and competitive advantages?

We are India’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of wires and cables, with a presence across multiple product segments such as Power Cables, Control Cables, Optic Fiber Cables, Instrumentation Cables, and Solar cables. Our extensive portfolio of quality products caters to the needs of our institutional and retail customers in different industries.

Polycab Power Cable Test Laboratory at Halol is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). It is perhaps the only private laboratory in India with the capability of 4,000+ tests covering a multitude of national and international standards. It is also the first laboratory capable of testing a single cable length from 50 meter to a maximum up to 4 km. The test certificate issued by this lab would be accepted worldwide as per agreement with NABL.

We maintain a very strong relationship with our customers and support them with their smallest assistance and requirement. We go the extra mile for customer delight and believe that doing business is not just about closing sales but building new and fostering the existing business relationship.

Q. What are the dynamics of the electrical industry, and its growth prospects?

Due to rapid GDP and economic growth India will experience a power surge soon. The number of units consumed per capita has increased significantly, and it is expected to grow. The current government is investing heavily in infrastructure development, including modern-era public utility facilities (Airports, Railway Stations etc.). These investments will recirculate, and India will soon see massive growth in private real estate and infrastructure construction. Several industrial corridors are being built. Industries will emerge as connectivity improves, residential projects for the working staff in those industries will begin. Commercial complexes, small businesses, recreational facilities, and other similar structures will grow.

All these new developments will significantly increase demand for electrical commodities. Manufacturers must brace themselves, expand their facilities, and strengthen the supply chain structure if they want to be an active part in this mega expansion. Apart from the huge demands for quantity, several new product types, like BMS Cables, Fire Survival Cables, Home Automation see a surge in demand.

Q. How do you envision the future of Polycab?

We are automating our processes and are installing the best software for our sales force management, inventory management etc. We are bolstering the organization structure by retaining and recruiting best-in-class talent. Our renewed purpose of innovating for a brighter living and be guided in our thoughts and actions by ‘i-POWER’ i.e, I – Innovative mindset, P – People at the core, O – Obsession for customer, W – Winning together, E – Entrepreneurial drive, R – Renewed, courage, resilience and agility. The values that will help us enrich the lives of everyone connected with Polycab.

Q. What is going to be fascinating and exciting to a visitor to your stall at ELECRAMA-23?

ELECRAMA is India’s largest event for the electrical industry, where the Indian and International customers and key decision-makers come under one roof. We have been consistently participating in ELECRAMAs and each time it has provided us with a unique experience.

As India’s largest Wires and Cables company our advanced and innovative product portfolio is ever expanding and Elecrama gives us the right platform to showcase this to our current and potential customers. Therefore, it is a great platform for us to establish new business prospects and relationships.

This time, we’ll be demonstrating our products from an industry viewpoint, and we’ve chosen eight distinct industries to do so. In addition to this, our entire range of Smart Automation Solution (HOHM), Fans, Lights and Luminaries, Switches, Switchgears, Pumps, and Solar products will be showcased during the event.