Bearings For Stone Crushers – URB Bearing


Stone crushers are used intensively in mining applications. Type of used crusher will depend on a variety of factors including the type of mine in terms of what ore is being mined, size of the required finished product to be produced by the mine, the industrial applications of the mine ore, and the type of mine in terms of how the ore is mined.

Various types of crushers are used in stone crushing industry, such as Jaw crushers, Roller crushers, Cone crushers and Impactor. Generally, for primary crushing process, only Jaw crusher is used.

Bearings in these applications are subject to very severe operating conditions, such as:

  • Heavy load;
  • Shock load and vibrations;
  • Dusty environment;
  • Shaft deflections;
  • Poor maintenance system;
  • Continuous operation.

URB studied bearing failure analysis in stone crusher and developed the range of strong and robust spherical roller bearings for these applications.

An important of quality improvement of cylindrical roller bearings continuous design improvement (inclined shoulders and roller and crowning to increase axial load capacity), optimized lubrication increased loading capacity and minimized edge stresses.

Our company provides technical support through counseling and guidance on mounting and dismounting of bearings, recommendations on suitable lubricants and inspection of bearings used properly. 

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