Bionetix International Helps Treat Wastewater


Bionetix International helps solve wastewater imbalances and odor problems around the world by supplying specially targeted microorganisms and nutrients to degrade waste with greater efficiency.Its full line of natural wastewater treatments ranges from solutions for starting new operations, to meeting wastewater discharge limits, to making biogas plants more productive.

Starting a new wastewater operation requires “seeding” it with a healthy microbial population that can handle a heavy influx of contaminants. These beneficial microorganisms play a critical role in biodegradation by breaking down waste and essentially using it as food. If the waste outbalances the microbial population, treatment plant operators will have trouble keeping up with the overload. A shock dose of microorganisms and nutrients such as those in BCP50 gives an important boost to the system, so it can handle the first sudden influx of waste.

For the last several years, the company has been supplying BCP50 to a local college in Quebec to seed the “pilot plant” students use to study wastewater treatment. The college successfully uses BCP50 to create a new batch of sludge (or MLSS) every year to run the miniature aerobic tank for educational purposes. BCP50 was recommended because of its use in municipal wastewater plants. It is an excellent choice for “seeding” new operations.

Wastewater contaminant levels are often measured by BOD (biological oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand). Industrial or municipal wastewater operations must meet certain BOD and COD limits before discharging effluent.

Bioaugmentation is an excellent strategy for reducing contaminants in order to meet discharge limits and avoid extra fees. For greater effectiveness, Bionetix doses specialized microbial and nutrient blends according to waste type.


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