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Shiv Om Brass Industries, headquartered in Jamnagar, is a renowned manufacturer of precision components for electrical and automobile sectors. Its large suite of offerings includes electrical contacts, sheet metal & pressed components, knurling inserts, fasteners, turned components, terminal bars, contact pins & sockets, copper components and aluminium connectors, just to mention a few. The company boasts of a modern manufacturing plant equipped with state-of-the-art production machines to chisel out products of superlative quality. The company has its footprint not only in India but also Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa, and of course Asian countries. In an interview with Engineering Review, Director, Yash Gohel portrays a vibrant picture of his company which is committed to quality and customer delight. He believes in the axiom that ‘Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better’. Excerpts:

Q. What’s your niche as a manufacturer of precision machined components?

We are the leading manufacturer of precision machined components in ferrous and non-ferrous components and our supplies are global to each continent with ensuring high quality standards.

Q. Your range is simply mind boggling. Please enlighten us on your product spectrum.

We make customized components for a wide range of special applications. We deal in a vast variety of turning components, stamping parts, automobile components, aluminium components, copper components and so on.

Q. How do you instill quality in your products? And what’s your benchmark for quality and precision?

To ensure high quality within our products, main factors are: We have state-of-the- art machinery with highly qualified engineers dedicatedly working to ensure high quality of our products. We use new technologies and methods to inspect the manufactured products to ensure they are defect-free.

Q. Please throw some light on your engineering prowess and manufacturing excellence.

We pride ourselves in having qualified employees working with us. The average year of experience is almost 6+ years. That allows them to operate the highly automatic machines that ensure high production in lesser time.

That provides us an edge to save lots of time with high yielding capabilities. Training is an on-going process in our company and we train our employees systematically to make sure they are well informed and their skills are upgraded on a continuing basis.

Q. What are your major strengths and competitive advantages?

There are three major factors:

  1. Highly upgraded automatic machinery that allows us to churn out high flawless production with vast range of operation. It saves time and also yields high quality production.
  2. R&D leads to innovations. These may be in terms of new products or services. It helps us to adapt ourselves to meet the new market requirements. We are committed to keep our R&D going and keeping us competitive at any point.
  3. Learning policies for each. Every departmental head is responsible to train their respective team mates. We always inculcate leadership quality to each employee. We at Shiv Om Brass pay and reward employees based on their work, skills, experience and contribution to the company.

Q. You serve a plethora of industries. Tell us more about your customer base and global footprint.

We have been onboarded as a most trusted suppliers for many of the giants in the field of operations and manufacturing. We have gone beyond our call of duty to fulfill our customer demands through our presence in Europe, USA, Middle East to Africa with continue Support to our Asian clients. We have been supplying materials to each continent 24×7 byt efficiently coordinating with our logistic partner for the last 3 decades.

Q. What are your growth strategies to make the most of the burgeoning market in India?

As a manufacturer, our prime goal is to maintain high quality standards that ensure a flawless system. Our vision is to provide comprehensive solutions with high quality products.

Procuring and deploying fully automatic machines, we are able to achieve high production rates in lesser time. That allows us more time to focus on improving our capabilities.

We are committed to provide one stop solution to our customers and bring them a great experience.

Q. Everything may not be hunky-dory. What are the challenges you face in a competitive environment?

The Chinese dominance in the field manufacturing is a great challenge itself. Chinese have large scale manufacturing units and they have scaled production. This is a big threat to us.

The Gaza-Hamas conflict is creating big problem for logistics. The Houthi attacks on logistic vessels is creating sea route disturbance. As a result, we have to re-route the ships. This takes a longer time to deliver the consignments and adds to the cost.

Q. Would you like to share any technological breakthroughs you have achieved?

We have upgraded our facilities deploying modern machineries to ensure flawless production to maximize the profits in lesser time. Examples: – 05 Sliding head machines, All new VMC machines,

We have upgraded our quality lab to perform the inspection and validation processes in-house. That allow us to save cost and time.
We have Cleared 2 stages of audit for IATF and hopefully we shall get the certification by April 2024. We are already an ISO 9001 certified organization.

Q. Finally, what’s your roadmap for Shiv Om and how do you envision its future?

Our vision is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.