Imaginarium in the time of Covid19


Proudly made in India, Imaginarium PPE goes aggressive against COVID-19,
Imaginarium has joined the fight against COVID-19 by manufacturing PPE (personal protective equipment) for those battling the pandemic at the front lines

Imaginarium, India’s largest Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Manufacturing Center, has announced its efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic by commencing the manufacture of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in its existing facility.

Due to COVID-19, there has been a spike in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), resulting in a supply chain disruption since PPE products are mostly sourced from China. Healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic face a dire shortage of testing supplies and PPE that keeps them safe and maintaining their capability to care for patients. Earlier this month, the World Healthcare Organization called on industries to increase manufacturing of PPE by 40% to meet the rising global demand.

Introducing this initiative, Kamlesh Parekh, MD, Imaginarium, commented, “There have been multiple efforts at the grassroots level in response to the supply chain challenges for PPE availability. We’ve come up with a unique concept to protect the entire face of an individual by creating a face shield that provides complete coverage of the face, ears and neck. With an ergonomic, lightweight design, it is a product designed for comfortable usage during long working hours. The Face Shield is the first in a line up of products shortlisted by our team for design and manufacturing during this time. We have also been working on the development of Safety Goggles, Aerosol Intubation boxes, Ventilator Components and other critical supplies that can be distributed to every part of the country immediately.”

These products are tested and approved by doctors. To enable mass production Imaginarium has deployed its full strength of its advanced manufacturing facility. In a short period, Imaginarium has catered to fifty thousand frontline fighters from various fields such as hospitals (both Private & Government), policemen, municipal corporations such as the BMC & other government employees.

The face shield protects the face from all respiratory droplets, it is easy to assemble & wash. It is lightweight, and provides a comfortable fit without any elastic bands. It can also be worn over spectacles. The flat package of the product allows it to be easily shipped in large quantities. The aerosol box is designed to enable physicians to intubate a patient while better shielding themselves from any aerosol particles that could be released from the patient’s airway during the procedure. These products are manufactured with minimum human contact.

Imaginarium has been supporting all who are working on their own versions of PPE products, ventilators, etc. by offering their manufacturing facility and engineering skills to support innovative solutions to fight this pandemic.