MEL racing towards 20


MEL Services is a professionally managed company that was set up in the year 2002. Our primary focus of operations has been in terms of sales, service and supply of spare parts for unit material handling equipment. Over the years our Services have become the go to name in this field because of excellent quality and strict adherence to commitments. Today, we boast of a leadership team spanning over 100 years of experience that strives every day to make the material handling industry better with innovative products and problem solving solutions.

In this journey of ours, we have grown exponentially and are pleased to have reached several milestones. In these years, we have catered to more than 2000 clients with over 250 certified testimonials. To create such strong and lasting relationships we needed an equally strong team. Today, we have more than 100 qualified and experienced team members that service our esteemed clients across 4 business vertices and with 3000+ offerings for our customers.

Humble Beginnings

However, all this success was not achieved overnight. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. We have our mentors, team members, customers, and supporters to thank for this phenomenal achievement. As a company, MEL will now be completing two decades in the challenging MHe industry. We wish to share this journey with you and would like to tell more about our journeymen, contributors, and bellwethers who have helped us reach this milestone.

Our story dates back to 2002 when our founding members Mr. Sunilkumar Gopalan, Mr. Satish Utsoorikar and Mr. Avinash Sahasrabudhe came together to set up an organization that can revolutionize the Material Handling industry. Their vision brought in waves of innovation and quality service. It is rare to see such a lasting bond between the founders and we are delighted to see that they have maintained their bond for 2 decades and aim to keep it constant for years to come.

As with any other organization, we had a humble beginning. Our founders were the initial 3 member team and then steadily talented individuals started coming in. Today we have grown to a 100+ member team and have a pan-India presence. Our company is well equipped with a team of qualified service engineers who are supervised by experienced and efficient managers and are powered by a dynamic business development team. Our team is our strength and aim to make it even robust. Hence, we undertake monthly appreciation and feedback sessions to ensure transparent and clear communication with our talented team.
We initially started our operations from a small office in Pune. But with our efforts and hardwork, we quickly opened another office in Chinchwad. And since then, there has been no turning back. Over time, we opened up two major spaces, one at Kothrud, Pune and the other one at Chikhali. Operating in those two set-ups was extra special for us because those new office spaces were now owned by the company. Today we have more than 10,000 sq.ft of personalized office space and have developed a deep-rooted infrastructure to support the needs of the ever-growing industry.

Working Our Way Up

We kicked off our journey in the MHE industry as an OEM distributor. We chose this segment because of our previous expertise and knowledge in it. We attracted dealerships and distributorships from major brands across the nation and slowly built our client base. As a company we have always believed in creating long-lasting relationships. This philosophy has helped us attract and maintain the nation’s leading OEM suppliers.

Over these years, some of our esteemed suppliers include names such as Curtis Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., Global Rubber Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., and Eternity Technologies. As our motto of creating lasting relationships, we are delighted to say that our initial clients are still with us.
After setting up the OEM vertical, we gradually took the next step of renting out customized MHE Solutions to manufacturers across the country. We formed a brand named MEL Rental for this sector. In this we rent out equipment as well as our expertise to guide clients into renting the right machinery and manpower to fulfill their material handling needs. Our focus is on catering to their demands leading to their growth.

We then moved to the segment of manufacturing and selling warehousing equipment and formed a brand named MELFORKS. This vertical was always of interest because of its immense potential. After setting up our brand in the distributorship and rental of MHE, we advanced our expertise for in-house manufacturing of Warehousing Equipment and self-developed sales for it. Our premium build quality and commendable after-sales service has helped us grow sustainably in the manufacturing space.

Adapting with Time

William J Clinton rightly said, “Follow the trend lines not the headlines’ ‘. Today’s market trend suggests Electric Mobility and MEL as a company realize it. To support the electric revolution in our country, we have developed our in-house, very own, Indian brand for Lithium Ion Battery Packs – MEL Lithium.

We serve our customers with supreme quality Lithium Ion battery packs and also with conversion kits to convert their older vehicles into electric locomotives. We cater to a large variety of electric mobility application solutions ranging from floor cleaning machines to transfer cars and from rail tuggers to AGVs. Our expertise lies in electric mobility solutions for robotics, amusement vehicles, golf cars, and material handling equipment. And as we also take our social responsibility seriously, we provide electric mobility solutions for personal uses such as electric wheelchairs, hybrid vehicles and mobile scooters among others.

During this journey of two decades, our focus has been on creating a strong and trusted brand. The core of our organization is a great structure and at MEL Services we have structured down our successful sectors into various trustworthy brands:

MEL SERVICES for sales and services of all kinds of Material Handling Equipment and Spares, MELFORKS for all kinds of Manufacturing & Sales of Warehousing Equipment needs, MEL Rental for MHE renting solutions and for the best and most reliable Lithium Ion batteries and electric mobility solutions we operate under MEL Lithium.

Our growth is directly linked to the growth of our associates and customers. Today is the age of instant and constant connections. As a company we value our associates and clients and wish to be at their service at all instances. Hence, to better serve our customers, we have developed a high-tech Mobile Application – MEL Connect. It helps our users to order Material Handling Accessories and Equipment within a few taps on their smartphones. This initiative has helped us to connect with our audiences more easily and completely revolutionize the experience of availing products in the industry.

Looking Ahead

We are about to complete 20 years in business and we take this opportunity to sincerely thank and acknowledge the support, trust and faith of all our customers, supporters, vendors and associates. We believe that these 20 years have just laid the foundation for even bigger things to come. As a leading company in the industry, MEL aims to stay in business for years to come and generate great opportunities across the globe in
the future.

For more information, Website: www.melforklift.com3