Robotic Solution for Metal Cutting and Welding by Mehta


Mehta Cad Cam group is always aggressive and ahead in innovation and new development in the field of laser and CNC technology. They have very well understood the need of Robotics for accurate precision and mass production and that is the reason they have tie up with renowned Taiwanese robot manufacturer.

Mehta have launched very robust, stable and high speed robots for different applications in the engineering field. With the vast experience in manufacturing of Fiber Laser cutting machine for sheet forming industries; they are offering fiber laser cutting system, fiber laser welding system, MIG welding system with Mehta’s Robot and provide unique solution as per the need of customers.

Robotic solutions of fiber laser cutting of metal is highly suggested for 2D and 3D cutting which cannot be done with Fiber laser cutting machine available in the market. It is widely use to cut certain design after the forming of the metal sheet.

Mehta Cad Cam is very confident that their robotic solution for cutting and welding can resolve lots of issues related to intricate cutting on complex shapes of sheet metal. Mehta’s robots are available with different wattage of power source to cut different thickness of various material.

Mehta’s robotic solutions for fiber laser welding We all have truly understood the advantages and power of Fiber Laser Welding Technology against the traditional methods of MIG and TIG welding. Robotics solutions can also help to weld on complex shapes with precision and allows mass production.

Mehta’s robotics welding solutions have successfully accomplished various complicated welding applications which were almost impossible till now. They provide different wattage solutions for different welding thickness.

Mehta’s robotic solutions for MIG welding MIG welding, TIG welding is the most important area in sheet metal fabrications. As per their study, 60 percent of businesses who are using MIG welding for their job of mass production needs robots. Despite this, still many are not aware of robotic solutions or even though they are they are afraid of adopting it thinking of its complicated operations, or high investment.

Mehta’s Robots have solutions for both these obstacles. They claim that even a layman can use robot for mass production and that to in most cost effective way.

They invite customers to visit and experience the ease of working with Mehta’s robots for all their applications in their state-of-art manufacturing facility established at Ahmedabad. They also welcome customer’s samples for free trial and testing.

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