Transparent energy data solutions increase machine efficiency and open up optimization potential.

Complete Beckhoff system for power supply, overcurrent protection and energy monitoring

Beckhoff complete system power supply energy monitoring
Beckhoff complete system power supply energy monitoring

Only universal and system-integrated current and energy handling results in maximum data transparency from power generation to energy monitoring. This in turn is the basis for increasing the efficiency of production machines and optimizing process sequences. PC-based control from Beckhoff makes this possible with matching components for power supply, fusing and monitoring.

Transparent energy monitoring reduces both machine downtime and the necessity to oversize the corresponding components for reasons of plant availability. Added to that are simplified preventive maintenance and ultimately considerably increased production efficiency. Hence, the wide range of PC-based control technology from Beckhoff offers a solution that can be optimally adapted to the respective application. This includes the numerous SCT current transformers and EtherCAT power measurement terminals for the integrated monitoring of the AC and DC supply, to the 24/48 V DC power supplies of the three new PS device series and the EL922x electronic overcurrent protection terminals.

Universal system reduces work and costs

No machine or plant works without reliable power supplies and the corresponding fusing. If this is additionally combined with high-performance recording of energy data, advantages already result during the design of the machine: additional power measurement technology at the power supply inputs provides an overview of the total power, including any losses. With the new, high-quality power supplies from the PS series, the system approach of PC-based control comes decisively to bear, because only when all components are optimally matched to one another can advantages be universally achieved. In particular, the EL922x overcurrent protection terminals integrated directly in the EtherCAT I/O system not only reliably secure the power in the individual supply paths, but also continuously measure it.

If machine manufacturers avoid power peaks with this holistic approach, for example, they reduce the connected load of the plant as well as installation costs for the end customer due to the smaller supply cable sizes. Furthermore, universal and system-integrated energy measuring technology satisfies the prerequisite for being able to compare the target and actual state of the plant directly inside the machine controller. In this way, developing damage can be detected at an early stage and process optimization potentials are easier to discover.

Until now, continuous data monitoring has mostly been associated with significant investments, often requiring costly integration of external sensors, sometimes with the help of specialized components. However, the power measurement terminals, current transformers, overcurrent protection terminals and power supplies from Beckhoff enable this with standard components and correspondingly low costs as well as reduced logistics requirements, e.g., for the storage of special parts – even when retrofitting existing machines and plants.

Data transparency through complete measurement chain

 As an automation specialist, Beckhoff enables the combination of the relevant power supply components to form a transparent and complete system. Only such a combined implementation provides a comprehensive overview of the energy and power supply of the machine, on both the AC and DC sides. The complete measurement chain begins with the SCT current transformer at the main supply to the machine. The power supplies from the PS device series provide a safe 24 V DC for all connected automation components and the overcurrent protection terminals not only secure the individual lines behind them, but also continuously monitor the current consumption.

With the SCT series current transformers, Beckhoff has completed the power measuring chain from the recording of the physical measured values to the transmission of data to the cloud. The portfolio of current transformers covers all relevant applications: for current intensities from 1 to 5,000 A as well as ring-type and split-core transformer versions or 3-phase transformer sets. There is a choice of two concepts, which are highly scalable due to various designs and performance classes and are thus suitable for a wide variety of applications. The SCT series is extremely diversified, ranging from the low-cost 3-phase transformer sets – including for building services – and standard industrial transformers for controls engineering, through to solutions for test benches with particularly high accuracy requirements. Decisive for the selection of the suitable transformer variant is the respective field of use. Particularly in new systems, the data acquisition can be implemented cost-efficiently and with high measurement accuracy using the ring-type current transformers. Conversely, the split-core current transformers are ideal for use as an uncomplicated retrofit solution due to the simplicity of their attachment.

There is a wide variety of requirements in energy management in the machine environment and in the energy economy, ranging from pure grid monitoring and process control through to high-end power monitoring. Extended by four new EtherCAT I/Os, a comprehensive range of EtherCAT Terminals is highly scalable in terms of both price and performance. Together with the proven EL37x3 grid monitoring oversampling terminals (and the associated TF3650 TwinCAT Power Monitoring software library), the new EL34x3 EtherCAT Terminals for energy management make up a comprehensive range of products that optimally adapt to the respective application in a wide range of uses.

Distributed power measurement minimizes costs

The new concept of distributed power measurement offers a particularly efficient and inexpensive way to obtain exact power measurement data, even in high complex systems. The central element is the EL3446 6-channel current input terminal for measuring currents up to 1 A AC/DC. It can be used to determine precise power values, even with physically separated voltage and current measurement. Decisive here is that all relevant electrical data from the supply grid, including real measured values for power, can be determined with the EL3446 purely as a current measurement terminal. The voltage values required for the calculation of the power data are transmitted – precisely synchronized by the distributed clocks in EtherCAT – via an EL3443 three-phase power measurement terminal, which only needs to be installed once for each system. The active power and energy consumption for each of the up to six connectable phases are then calculated in the EL3446. The effective values of voltage and current as well as active, apparent and reactive power or frequency,