Fever Detection with Thermal Scanning by testo 890


In the current pandemic of COVID-19, it’s in the interest of public health to identify risk persons in large groups of people early. The operators of heavily frequented facilities such as airports, shopping malls or sports stadiums carry a special responsibility for disease prevention. Likewise, as per Government mandate, all workplaces, factories and establishments too require to conduct thermal scanning of their employees and visitors at the entry points.

testo 890 thermal imager is german technology. With the in-built testo FeverDetection assistant, the thermal imager testo 890 is perfect for identifying potentially ill persons i.e persons with elevated surface body temperature.

• It automatically scans persons, shows output on monitor and simply triggers alarm if person at risk is found.
• Acoustic and visual color code alarm at individually defined temperature threshold values.
• HDMI output for direct connection between imager and monitor.
• Measurement of the ambient temperature using the stored IR image

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