FiberFix vs. Bench Press


Duct Tape, jubilee clips and clamps fixes everything right? Not quite. Have you ever tried to patch a water line, repair a load-bearing steel bar, or fix the broken handle on a shovel with tape? Your results will be far less than stellar.

The vast majority of adhesives on the market are only designed for cosmetic or minor repairs. They certainly aren’t designed to deal with heavy forces. If you do need to repair something that’s submerged in water or needs to hold weight, you have to resort to an epoxy or other heavy duty adhesive. These products are messy and take 24 hours or more to dry.

FiberFix a revolutionary product to deal with a number of problems. Gaining traction from Shark Tank, this product has been brought to India by Goodwill Retails Private Limited. It can fix an array of problems ranging from fixing pipes to broken hardware. As the name suggests, FiberFix uses industrial grade fibre and resin to repair and fix products from mixed media that will bond to almost anything, hardens like steel, and provides a permanent fix. It is also more than a 100x stronger than duct tape. Using FiberFix™, consumers can fix things that either could not be fixed before or could not be fixed inexpensively.

Spearheaded by Spencer Quinn and Eric Child, FiberFix was started in late 2012, post which, they entered Shark Tank. Backed by Lori Grenier, queen of QVC, they found the funding they were looking for, after proving the concept of this ground-breaking product. It is now a household name in the US and it is Goodwill Retails Private Limited’s endeavour to make it so in India.

With its wide base of application, it can be used in both industrial and residential settings. A number of industries can benefit from its usage as it fixes motor pipes, water pipes, high pressure pipes, vehicle parts, breaks in machine parts, garner hoses, etc. The beauty of the product lies in the fact that, if kept at hand, it can drastically reduce down time in industrial settings, not only saving money, but also resulting in productivity and efficiency. In household settings, it can help fix furniture, utensils, tools, pipes- the opportunities are unlimited, metal and wood alike.

Simple to use, FiberFix involves sanding the affected area, dipping the wrap in water for 5-10 seconds, wrapping the product to the affected area and applying the vinly strip to tighten the wrap. Being self-adhesive, no other products are required in the process of using FiberFix. It uses a combination of fiber and resin to have a steel-like grip on the affected area, securing your assests. It takes about 2-5 minutes to use, cutting down downtime dramatically, and can turn the average Rajesh into a handyman. It is waterproof, making its application widespread. It is resistant to heat and cold, so it is perfect to fix industrial breaks in machinery and hardware. Being sandable and paintable it seasmlessly blends into your existing setting. It is also an inexpensive way to repair and fix things that you would have to break the bank rehabilitating. It is resistant to climatic changes and is a long-term solution for a number of problems that are faced both by industries and households.

It comes in two variants- the wrap and the patch. The wrap is available in four sizes –1”x12”, 1”x40”, 2”x50”, 4”x60”. Each roll is considered a single use item. Each roll comes in an air-sealed pouch. Once this pouch is opened, the wrap needs to be used right away. Each roll comes with a pair of gloves, which adds convenience in working with FiberFix™.  The patch comes in three sizes- 3”x3”, 2”x8” and 5”x5”.

FiberFix is present in over 24 countries and now this game changing product is in India. With ample advantages and features, every household and industrial setting can benefit from having this product readily at hand.

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