FLIR A50/A70: Compact thermal smart sensor camera


FLIR A50 and A70 smart sensor cameras are ideal for users who want built-in, on-camera analytics and alarm capabilities for condition monitoring and early fire detection applications. With options for Wi-Fi, an integrated visual camera, and ONVIF S compatibility, FLIR A50/A70 cameras are a fexible,configurable solution to meet the unique needs of automation customers across a broad range of industries. The cameras are easy to add, set up, and operate in HMI/SCADA systems, offering automation system solution providers a running start. When used as a system component for cloud and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, A50/A70 cameras can help companies protect assets, improve safety, maximize uptime, and minimize maintenance costs.

Maximize uptime, protect assets, improve safety

Quickly access thermal characteristics to catch potential failures, and detect fires before signs of smoke or Flames

  • Accurately measure temperatures with up to 640 × 480 (307,200 pixels) thermal resolution and ±2°C accuracy
  • Reveal thermal detail with low-noise imagery and data
  • Extract temperature data from each pixel using the FLIR Atlas SDK, compatible with the advanced smart sensor
  • Identify targets easier with MSX® image enhancement, which embosses scene details from the optional built-in visual camera onto the full thermal image

Trouble-free integration

Simplify integration eforts with thermal smart sensors that communicate with standard industrial protocols and video management systems

  • Easy HMI & SCADA integration using common industrial protocols and alarm I/O
  • SNMP trap and advanced frewall protection allows multiple network devices to securely operate together
  • Simple confguration via standard web browser
  • Simultaneous VMS video and alarm integration via ONVIF S compatibility (optional)

Rugged, compact, easy installation

Meet the demands of multiple application environments and installations

  • Built with an IP66 rating to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Ensure operation in dynamic settings thanks to heavy-duty M8/12 connectors
  • Easily install the compact, lightweight camera in any location, with multiple mounting options



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