India’s growth potential is immense and we have a bright future, Armes Maini


Bangalore-based Armes Maini is a joint venture between Maini Group, India and Ferretto Group, Italy. Backed by a combined domain experience spanning over six decades, Armes Maini is a formidable name today in storage systems, offering end-to-end solutions from static storage racking & shelving to vertical storage systems and ASRS. Engineering Review speaks to CEO & Director S.A. Mohan to discern Armes Maini’s product innovations and its pursuit of providing bespoke solutions which help customers save space and enhance their operational efficiency and productivity. Excerpts:

Q. Armes Maini is renowned in the field of Storage Solutions. What precisely is your niche?

Armes Maini is a 50/50 JV between Maini Group, Bangalore and Feretto Group, Italy. Both companies are renowned for their engineering excellence. We have deep experience of over 65 yrs in the Storage System Solutions, offering end-to-end solutions from Static Storage Racking & Shelving Solutions to SemiAutomatic Vertical Storage Systems to Fully Automated Storage Solutions with end of line conveyors, etc. The products for Static, Semi-Automated and Fully Automated are designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by us including aftermarket spares and services. This puts us in a very unique position for complete ownership of the System Solution offered to customers

Q. What are the different solutions you offer?

The solutions we offer cover:

  • Pallet Racking – Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Multi-Tier Shelving Systems – Ground + 1, 2, 3 or 4 (Building-InBuilding). Fully integrated solutions offered with VRC (Goods Lifts), Gravity & Powered Chutes and Conveyors
  • Light Duty Shelving Systems (suitable for light weight goods like Grocery, Vegetables, Pharma products, etc.,)
  • Mezzanine Structures – Ground + 1, 2 or 3
  • Shuttle Systems for Deep Lane Pallet Racking
  • Semi Automated Vertical Storage Systems (VLM)
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) – fully automated storage systems with end of line conveyors, etc

Q. What’s crucial in developing mezzanines and shelving systems?

Understanding customer requirements is extremely important. The benefits of our design should meet customer business needs, short, medium and long term. As we manufacture a wide variety of products, we help customers with designs which are optimised, efficient and cost-effective.

Q. What are your offerings for warehousing automation?

An Automated Storage and Retrieval System installed by Armes Maini

For warehousing automation, we offer Shuttle Systems, Vertical Storage Systems and ASRS

Q. In designing industrial storage racks, what are the aspects to be considered?

In designing industrial storage racks, following are some of the important aspects to be covered:

  • Effective utilization of space – both horizontal and vertical
  • Ease of access to stored materials
  • Operational safety
  • EN (European Norm) standard guidelines are followed for Design of Racking Structures
  • Seismic compliant solutions are developed using stringent EN norms.
  • Installation is done following all safety measures and EN norms for tolerances.

Q. What’s special about your deep lane solutions?

  • Deep lane solution comes with Flexi Shuttle system is Ideal to store Pallet of size 1200×1000 / 800 /1200 with maximum load upto 1500kg.
  • It is suitable for FIFO or LIFO logic.
  • Flexi Shuttle is an ideal solution for the loading, unloading and reorganizing of the pallets in various racking aisles.
  • Solutions are developed with safety features as per European safety norms.
  • Seismic compliant structure 15m height and 30 pallet deep.
  • Ideal for Dense storage in Cold Chain, etc.

Q. How has your JV with the Ferreto Group helped you in gaining a technological edge? Could you give a brief backgrounder of this Italian company and its eminence?

Ferretto Group has been designing Storage Racking Products / Solutions and Systems for over 60 years. Their technology is deep and mature for multiple business requirements. Solutions cater to medium to very large installations. Since all equipment, hardware and software are designed and developed by FG, they can offer customers end-to-end solutions and aftermarket services with great levels of reliability and continuity for long periods of time. FG has many reputed large global customers across the world.

In India, we manufacture all the key components designed by FG in our factory located in Bangalore. Solutions for customers are designed using these key components. Seismic Zone solution designs are validated by FG Engineering team located in Italy. We offer certification from Italy to customers at extra cost.

Q. Are you also into ASRS? If so, which are the clients who have benefited from your Automated Systems?

We offer ASRS solutions. In India we have worked with US MNC to design and install an ASRS System. We have a very large customer base across Europe, USA, UK and other geographies. Most of the case studies are readily available on FG YouTube Channel.

Q. Which is the most outstanding system you have developed and why is it unique?

Our systems are world -class and unique with respect to customer application. Our goal is to ensure customer benefits from our solutions. By virtue of this, our systems are unique.

Q. Could you throw some light on your manufacturing facilities and engineering prowess?

Armes Maini manufacturing Bangalore facility

We have a state-of- the- art manufacturing facility spread over 160,000 square feet area on a 10 acre land. We have roll forming lines, fabrication equipment for operations such as cutting, shearing, bending, welding, etc.

Our Fully Automated Powder Coating line is capable of coating single component length of 12m. This is a special capability which very few companies have in India.

We use Solid Works with PDM as a platform for Design and Solution Engineering. A dedicated set of trained design engineers work diligently to serve our customers. We offer 3D output which helps customers visualize solutions better

Q. What are the challenges you face, especially in the new normal?

The new normal has many positives. For example, adoption of digital technology for engagement with customers, vendors and subcontractors has become the new normal. The lock down period between Mar to Aug 2020 was extremely challenging. Customers changed their approach, priorities, etc., as Covid-19 impacted everyone. Consolidation took centre stage to overcome uncertainties. The pandemic was included in BCP by a lot of companies.

Q. What are your growth strategies and how do you propose to stay ahead braving all odds?

Fortunately, India’s growth potential is immense. Although we are a large market, many solutions are yet to grow in India. Adoption of Storage Racking is still very low in India. As a result, the current market size is much lower in comparison to developed markets. The Grade A and B Warehouse Infrastructure will be built across key locations in India over the next 3-5 yrs. This will drive the demand for Storage Racking products and solutions. The future looks bright!