KTA Spindle Toolings Bags Engineering Excellence Award For Best Innovation In 3-Deg Hydraulic Tool Holder Using 3d Technology


Engineering Excellence Award 2022KTA Spindle Toolings has received the coveted Engineering Excellence Award for Best Innovation in 3-Deg. Hydraulic Tool Holder using 3D Technology. The event, organized by Divya Media Publications for recognizing 25 outstanding achievers in the industry, was held in Hotel Noorya in Pune on 21st May.

Developed for the first time in India using 3-D technology, the toolholder has a slim outer dia to have better access to intricate areas, and improve surface finish while reducing the machining vibration.

In order to enhance profitability & productivity in the milling process, one has to have the right cutting tools and toolholders to support the process. KTA Spindle Toolings, established in 1985, offers performance proven tool holders, bringing significant savings to the user industry.