Micron – The Measurement Sensor From ReeR


For all industrial and civil applications detecting, measuring, and recognizing objects, ReeR, the biggest manufacturer of safety sensors in Italy, and one of the major ones in the world presents Micron the measurement sensor.

Depending on the number and position of the beams engaged by an object, Micron can provide real time information to a PLC or PC to: detect the presence or absence of objects, perform a count, detect a position, detect a shape or a profile and measure dimensions.

The reduced overall dimensions: section of only 28×30 mm, the versatility and reliability that characterizes the entire range of ReeR’s products, make this new measurement sensor ideal in the measurement of the height or two-dimensional detection of objects in transit on conveyor systems application.

Micron - The Measurement Sensor From ReerThe Micron range offers different solutions:

Models MI AV equipped with 2 analog output (0-10 VDC) with programmable functions and 2 programmable digital outputs.

Models MI AC equipped with 2 analog output (4-20 mA) with programmable functions and 2 programmable digital outputs.

These two models, with a simple programming interface, allow any measurement. Ideal solution for object measurement and detection of dimensional limits.

The configuration software, with graphic user interface, is supplied with each measurement light curtains.
Models MI B equipped with an RS-485 serial interface with programmable functions and two programmable digital outputs.

Solution providing complete and detailed information on the status of each beam via the RS 485 serial line. Ideal for dimensional measurement, detection of object profile and position. These three models, by means of the two solid state outputs, provides further on/off information related to the occurrence of the programmed conditions.
The configuration software allows the configuration of the operating parameters: operating logic (conditions for output activation), parameters of the RS 485 serial line (transmission method, baud rate, parity, start-stop characters, binary, hex, ascii format, measurement time, etc.)

Models MI C equipped with two antivalent solid state outputs “status of the controlled area”.
Solution providing simple on/off information related to the status of the controlled area. Ideal for piece counting and detection of object presence/absence in the controlled field.

Models IOL – IOL models with IO-Link protocol. These models allow the transfer of all measurement and detection data via the IO-Link communication protocol.

With Micron IOL the IODD file (IO Device Description) is provided. This file contains the description of the device in electronic format: communication properties, range of parameter values and default values, identification, process and diagnostic data, device data, textual description.

This file must be loaded into the configuration of the Master IO-Link via the interface (tool) for configuring the Master itself.

To explain the potential of the micron measurement sensor, let us look at a particular application:

The use of a Micron Measurement Light Curtains in Automatic Car Wash Systems. In order to achieve significant cost savings and reduce environmental impact, modern car wash facilities allow to adjust the quantity of detergent dispensed and to select the most appropriate washing program automatically. It is not therefore enough to measure the height of the vehicle and consequently adjust the movement of the brushes, but it becomes necessary to recognize dimensional characteristics and shape of the vehicle.

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