Munish Garg, Managing Director, See Lube Technologies

Synonymous with Superior Grade Industrial Lubricants


Synonymous with Superior Grade Industrial Lubricants

Way back in 2008 there were mainly two types of lubricant suppliers available. One was big corporate firms and the other the unorganized sector. The big corporates were mainly focussing on big customers, and unorganized firms were selling their products on a cost-benefit basis. There was a big vacuum in these two. The biggest problem was with small-scale industries where they were facing lubrication challenges. Neither of the two was able to reach out to them for resolution of their challenges. Munish Garg, a graduate engineer, having an experience of a decade in the Lubricant market back then, thought of filling this vacuum. This led to the foundation of See Lube Technologies (P) Ltd,a brainchild of Munish Garg, a first generation entrepreneur.

A fascinating journey

The journey got started with a single product portfolio under the brand name: ST KOOL Lubricants. In 2009, the company got registered and the plant started production. Gradually focussing on the quality and the competitiveness, the journey became quite fascinating and interesting. In a short span of time, the company started manufacturing metalworking fluids, rust preventive oils, metal cleaners, general purpose oils, neat cutting oil, cold forging lubricants, hot forging lubricants, rust cleaners, rust converters, general greases, specialty greases, and many more allied products.

Actualizing the ideology

The founder Munish Garg has this ideology reverberating in his mind all the time: “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows, Result Follows”. Pursuing this motto, he concentrated his entire focus on the development of new products with value-added features. He formed an expert team, set up a laboratory with advanced testing instruments, and revamped the plant to meet the growing demand for lubricants in a burgeoning market.

Obstacles are stepping stones to success

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal,” goes the saying. Life is no life without challenges. With focus and determination, all the challenges can be resolved. The first and foremost challenge for Garg was to develop confidence among customers for ST KOOL and this was successfully achieved with domain expertise, repeatability in product parameters, sustainable quality, committed delivery, and timely support to customers.

Quality permeates everything

Quality is not objective, it is subjective. ST KOOL believes that quality should be in material, communication, behaviour, support, logistics, and presentation. Quality is convention. ST KOOL keeps thought processes aligned with the quality procedures. ISO 9001: 2015 is not just a certificate; it apprises the customs of the company.

Innovation the key differentiator

In today’s competitive world, innovation is the key to the growth of any company. ST KOOL has been cultivating and fostering innovative minds from day one and by virtue of this, the company has been able to innovate, develop, and market designated products, which are still carrying the monopoly tag. In order to innovate, one has to have a thorough understanding of the application, tribology and chemistry. ST KOOL knows full well that innovation is the key differentiating factor that brings success to a brand.

Sustainability using Technology

Making good products is no rocket science, but making good products repeatedly is certainly a challenge. Technology is great enabler.. We are in an era where Industry 4.0 is leading the way, helping companies to remain in the race and guide to the victory stand. ST KOOL opted for this winning track at an early age. Today the company’s entire gamut of operations including

R & D, production, quality assurance, marketing and logistics is orchestrated in real-time using technology. Technology eliminated manual intervention and finally, it resulted in an improvement in the overall efficiency of the system.

Being kind to the Environment

Robert Swan said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. ST KOOL Lubricants took the affirmation that no chemical should be used which is going to affect our eco-system. Abiding by this commitment, heavy metals and highly non-biodegradable chemicals did not find a place in any of the formulations. ST KOOL has a plethora of products that are biodegradable and bio-friendly, thanks to access to biochemistry. NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has approved quite a few products, which are good to be used in Food Industries as well.

Stretching beyond limit

Today ST KOOL is present in most of the OEMs with a wide range of products like cutting oils, semi-synthetic cutting oil, neat or straight cutting oils, rust preventive oils, metal cleaners, specialty greases, and many more allied products. The R&D is going on to convert maximum products to become bio-friendly and biodegradable. The company is stretching beyond its limits to develop products with minimum quantity of lubrication elements. The vision of the company is to become the most admired Lube manufacturer in India. A strong SCM, presence of pan India distribution network, and unmatched technical & service support to the customer help See Lube stand out in the crowd of Lube companies dotting the industrial firmament.


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