Vipul V. Chopda & Vijay Z. Chopda, KTA Spindle Toolings

One of the largest manufacturers of toolholding systems in India


One of the largest manufacturers of toolholding systems in India

KTA Spindle Toolings is one of the largest manufacturers of complete toolholding systems in India. The company was founded in 1985 by Vijay Z. Chopda, who has striven to create ‘Precision at its Best’ products using the world’s latest technology up-gradation available from time to time.

Pioneer and leader

Today, KTA Spindle Toolings has a state-of-the -art manufacturing plant having 70,000 sq.ft. area with a built up area of 60,000 sq.ft. which includes Manufacturing plant, Sales, Admin building and a separate warehouse which has a storage capacity of 50,000 holders and accessories. KTA houses a line-up of the latest high -tech 150+ CNC machines which includes sophisticated machines from market leaders such as Studer, Schaudt, Voumard, AMS, Mori Seiki, and Makino just to mention a few. KTA Spindle Toolings is the first Indian Toolholding Company to have its subsidiary ‘HPCHO GmbH’ in Nesselwang, Germany, established in 2013.

KTA Spindle Toolings is proud of its high-tech toolholding products such as high precision Hydraulic, Shrinking & Anti-Vibration Toolholders. Its Hydraulic Toolholders range from diameters 3 -32 mm with a GPL of 24.6 mm to 400mm which is the widest range of standard catalogue program till now by any toolholding company.

KTA is the world’s first company to launch Hydraulic + Anti Vibration Toolholder with a diameter of 20 x 400 mm GPL. The company is considered a precision manufacturer of toolholders having a production capacity of 15,000 toolholders per month with all catalogue products available mostly ex-stock at Pune, India and Nesselwang, Germany.

KTA is the foremost private label supplier of Toolholding systems to many OEMs. The company is exporting 60% of its products to more than 25 countries around the globe. KTA has its significant presence with highest business shares from countries such as Germany, U.S.A, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Russia the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain and others. It is serving customers from diverse Industries such as Automotive, General Engineering, Die & Mould, Aerospace, and Power Generation.

Humble beginnings

“The inception root of KTA Spindle Toolings goes back to 1969 when our uncle late Shri Chandanmalji Chopda made his humble beginning in engineering with a small setup namely

Kalpana Industries for manufacturing precision auto components for engines and gearboxes of 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers based in Hadapsar, Pune. During my tenure at Kalpana Industries, while interacting with customers, I learnt that lots of tap breakage issues were faced by customers. Many a time they had to scrap the components as well. This is when a thought struck in my mind to find a solution to this problem as it was adversely affecting the profitability of many small and medium scale industries. When I visited ‘EMO’ in Hannover, Germany in September 1981, I found a solution to the problem of tap breakage and decided to focus on this product development which gave a strong foundation for starting of KTA Spindle Toolings,” narrates Vijay Chopda

Elaborating on the evolution of its product portfolio over time, Chopda says, “The requirement of Reliable Tapping Chucks at reasonable price was our own requirement to produce automotive engine components. Hence initially we started with Universal Tapping Chucks and Tap Adapters with sterling quality and performance with great success. We started manufacturing Tool Holders required for CNC Machine. Initially we were producing ER Collet chucks, Weldon Holders, Face mill Holders as per BMAS 403 Japanese standards, and Combi Shell Mill holders in standard lengths. We began to export Tapping Chucks, Tap Adaptors, and Precision Holdings.

The Acceptance level was encouraging. As the demand picked up, we stared making precision balanced holders as per DIN-69871, then HSK DIN 69893, and Shrink Fit Holders. Post-Covid, the new facility was added to produce Hydraulic Expansion Chucks, and Reduction Sleeves. At today’s facility we have 150 CNC precision Machines, with 350 + Staff and workers. We do have a Development Team for Continuous development of 8000 different items we produce. We are poised to deliver World-class Precision Holders in time. KTA is proud of its high technological Toolholding products such as high precision hydraulic toolholders up to 400 mm and Shrinking Anti vibration Technologies ranging from 3mm to 32 mm with GPL 24.6mm to 400mm. The latter is the widest range of standard catalog program till now by any tool holder manufacturing company.”

Futuristic products

The company has developed a team with a commitment that whatever it does, it will ensure accurate measurement. “We have this self-imposed regime of impeccable quality check, inspection and review of every phase of production which has penetrated in our work culture. Therefore, Quality is the quintessence of our operating philosophy,” reiterates Chopda.

Envisaging a bright future for the company’s product line, Chopda says: “Toolholding products are essential to hold a cutting tool in every metal & wood cutting industry. So the growth in this sector is going to be proportionate to the growth of the said sectors. Today there is an overwhelming demand for our products from global customers. Additionally we have experienced a steep increase of volumes in the last two years from domestic market as well. Post Covid-19, we have experienced a significant shift in customer mindset with the great initiatives of the Indian government like ‘AatmaNirbharBharat’ and ‘VocalForLocal’. This has changed the mindset of the domestic customer who is now inclined to believe in the world-class quality of indigenous products. This has helped us to increase our rightful market share in India.”

“Today we are considered ‘a preferred Indian Toolholding partner’ by many European cutting tools majors . We have many countries where our business potential is unexplored. We would like to address these markets. Further we have developed a successful product in our range namely Hydraulic Toolholding System and its extensive range. We believe this product has immense unexplored potential as far as Indian industries are concerned. We have an opportunity to elevate our existing customers who are using conventional mechanical toolholders.”

Innovation is a way of life at KTA. Currently the company is in the process of developing a Slim Hydraulic Toolholder. In the near future, it also envisages coming up with Polygonal Toolholding products (popularly known as CAPTO) which will address the needs of many unexplored regions and customers.