Pramodkumar Patre, Director-Operations, SE Coopermatics Filtration Systems India Pvt. Ltd.


Pioneering the future of fluid management

SE Coopermatics is a global player in the filtration market, manufacturing and providing effective industrial filtration and separation solutions to maximize metalworking fluid life in OEM applications.

SE Coopermatics began its journey as Shivam Equipments in 2006 setting up base in Pune, offering an extensive range of filtration products and services across India. In 2019, it formed a joint venture with the renowned, Pennsylvania-based Filtration brand, Coopermatics Filtration Systems Inc. Coopermatics Filtration Systems Inc. had been providing filtration solutions for over 50 years, serving customers in the US and all over the world. The company pioneered manufacturing Pre-coat Filtration Systems for grinding, honing, superfinishing, edible oil, EDM oil, biodiesel and numerous other processes.

Combining the vast product line and expertise offered by Shivam Equipments, with the rich legacy, technology and experience of Coopermatics has undoubtedly strengthened the latter’s capabilities and expertise in the field by tackling the most complex filtration with ease, delivering uncompromised quality of filtration equipment and top-tier after-sales support.

Product Expertise

The company’s diverse portfolio serves a number of applications in machining, bearing, tool manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and other industries that rely on grinding and cutting machinery.

SE Coopermatics’ extensive product range includes an assortment of Filtration Systems for filtering contaminants and recycling coolant/oil; Oil Recovery Systems for extracting residual oil from sludge/ swarf/ chips and Chip Conveyor Systems for automating chip removal from machine centers.

Its diversified portfolio of filtration systems includes Pre-coat Filters, Vacuum Filters, Cartridge Filters, Coolant Sump Cleaners, Oil Skimmers, and Magnetic Separators that serve unique purposes for a variety of applications.

Quality as its Foundation

At the heart of its manufacturing philosophy lies an uncompromising dedication to quality. Each product that bears the Meccalte name is a result of rigorous testing, meticulous design, and precision engineering. The company has implemented industry-leading quality control measures throughout its manufacturing process, ensuring that every unit leaving its facilities meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

A prime example of its product excellence in the realm of industrial coolant and oil filtration is its collaboration with a major bearing manufacturing plant. Faced with challenges related to inconsistent coolant quality leading to increased tool wear and production delays, they turned to SE Coopermatics for a solution. SECI designed a tailored coolant filtration system that not only addressed the issue but also led to a noticeable reduction in tool replacement costs and a significant increase in production output.

“In the oil filtration arena, a renowned Tool manufacturing company approached us seeking a way to optimize the maintenance of their HSS and Carbide tool. Through close collaboration, we developed an oil filtration system that efficiently removed contaminants, resulting in reduced tool wear and decreased maintenance intervals. This success story highlights our ability to provide innovative solutions across diverse industries,” adds Pramodkumar Patre.

“Meccalte’s industrial coolant and oil filtration systems showcase our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact, our filtration solutions play a pivotal role in powering industries forward toward a more productive and sustainable future,” he further adds.

Technology Innovations

SECI’s legacy of excellence is intertwined with a relentless pursuit of technological innovation. Its filtration systems are a testament to the integration of cutting-edge technologies that redefine industrial fluid management. Equipped with advanced sensors, real-time monitoring capabilities, and intelligent control systems, these solutions ensure that fluid quality and performance are consistently optimized. Through predictive analytics and remote monitoring, its systems detect deviations from ideal parameters, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing unscheduled downtime.

The incorporation of powder-based filtration media sets SECI apart. These innovative materials enhance filtration efficiency by capturing even the smallest particles and contaminants, resulting in cleaner fluids and extended equipment life.

In line with its dedication to automation, the company is designed to seamlessly integrate into modern industrial environments. Automated self-cleaning mechanisms reduce the need for manual intervention, ensuring continuous operation without disruption. This automation not only optimizes system performance but also frees up valuable human resources for more strategic tasks. SE Coopermatics takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously, and its coolant and oil filtration systems reflect this commitment.

Future Prospects

“As we peer into the future, the prospects for Meccalte’s coolant and oil filtration systems, bolstered by the integration of SE Coopermatics technology, are filled with promise and innovation. Our collaborative approach is aimed at not only meeting but exceeding evolving customer needs, and positioning ourselves at the forefront of the industry’s evolution,” states Patre.

“The future holds boundless growth opportunities for our filtration systems. We envision expanding our reach across diverse industries and global markets, catering to the needs of manufacturers seeking cutting-edge solutions. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we aim to establish our footprint in key regions, ensuring that Meccalte’s coolant and oil filtration systems become synonymous with enhanced industrial performance,” underlines Patre.

SECI is dedicated to continuous improvement, with ongoing research and development efforts focused on refining its coolant and oil filtration systems. From SECI the industry can anticipate even more advanced sensors, predictive analytics capabilities, and seamless integration with Industry 4.0 technologies. These developments will further enhance ease of use, efficiency, and customization, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

The company’s vision is to revolutionize fluid management by providing forward-thinking solutions that empower industries to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and sustainability. By integrating SE Coopermatics technology into its filtration systems, it’s confidently steering towards a future where its products set new benchmarks for performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

The future prospects for Meccalte’s coolant and oil filtration systems, powered by SE Coopermatics technology, are undoubtedly bright. “As we embrace emerging trends, expand our reach, and continually innovate, we’re poised to shape the industrial landscape and redefine the standards of fluid management. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction fuels our journey toward a future where excellence and innovation are the cornerstones of success,” notes Patre.


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