Rollon’s new generation compact rails


Compact Rail is a system of linear rails with bearings in cold drawn steel with induction hardened and ground raceways.

The feature that makes the products from the compact rail family unique is their ability to manage misalignment on the surfaces where they are mounted. Industrial designers and planners can use them to simplify the project, increase performance and reduce the overall costs of the application.

By combining rails and bearings with different geometries, Compact Rail can effectively compensate for axial misalignment up to 3.9 mm and radial misalignment up to an angle of ±2°.

Rollon India compact Rail system

This means that designers are free to choose with regard to the structures on which the rails are mounted. It also means eliminating the mechanical preparation of mounting surfaces and drastically reducing the time required to mount the system. This freedom is also guaranteed by the level of customization that Rollon offers for each product, starting with Compact Rail. The company can actually personalize the finalization of the product after a first highly industrialized production phase. It’s a unique advantage: combining the benefits of industrial efficiency with a touch of manual craftsmanship while maintaining quality standards.

Unique features

Along with its main characteristic, compact rail is unique because it can provide:

  • Reliability in dirty environments, thanks to the generous dimensions of the rolling elements and the front and side guards on the slider.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Rollon’s many surface treatments make the Compact Rail dependable in the most aggressive environments.
  • A long life span guaranteed by the induction hardening process applied to the raceways, with an effective depth of 1.2 mm and a hardness level between 58 and 62 HRC, which can guarantee maximum reliability in industrial automation applications that have demanding cyclical conditions.
  • High performance, with speeds up to 9 m/s and accelerations up to 20 m/s2
  • Ground raceways that guarantee silent sliding movement
  • A wide range of rail sections in different sizes: 18, 28, 35, 43, 63 mm.
  • Potentially infinite strokes with jointed versions

Together, these characteristics make compact rail perfect for a series of applications. Some possible uses are:

  • Opening and closing CNC doors and moving the control panel
  • Tracking movements of seats in business and first class on airplanes and moving accessories such as footrests, armrests and folding tables
  • Extraction of train door blocks
  • Platform screen doors for trains and underground stations
  • Handling in intralogistics automation
  • Medical machinery for X-Ray tables.

Compact Rail Plus for Heavier Applications

Compact Rail Plus is a new model that will join the family of traditional products. It mounts double ball bearings and uses a “C” profile with convex raceways. This translates increased load capacities in similar sized products, up to 170% in the axial direction and 65% in the radial direction, and greater rigidity of the profile itself.

The raceways of the new profile, available in the sizes 18, 28 and 43 mm, are induction hardened and ground like those of other Compact Rail products.

Misalignment management, the strong point of Compact Rail, is managed by the non Plus product with a combination of rails with different geometries. However, the Plus version employs three different types of bearings which guarantee that it can absorb very significant misalignments.

In addition to the introduction of Compact Rail Plus, several changes have been made to the entire product range to provide more advantages during the design phase for its applications with every model of Compact Rail:

  • A lateral seal has been added to the slider to offer even greater protection against all types of contaminants
  • New self-centering raceway cleaners guarantee spotless raceways
  • The raceways have new integrated lubrication systems with slow release felt pads and front access for lubrication that lengthen the intervals between maintenance operations.
  • All models use the same slider with steel body that further increases solidity and robustness, and allows the whole system to improve the overall performance.

All Compact Rail products have also undergone careful aesthetic redesign to integrate discreetly into each application that the designer will work on in the future.

The new Rollon products combine the performance that has made them a reference point on the market, a distinctive and incisive aesthetic line, and the ability to integrate into any design process in the many different sectors where the company is present.

Technological and aesthetic redesign has allowed Rollon to express and affirm its unique identity as a major international player on the linear motion market.

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