The twin welding processes – Fronius


Consistently high welding speed with reliable penetration and deposition rates of up to 25 kg/ with our TPS/i TWIN systems. Our newest development with intelligent welding processes that automatically adjust welding parameters and welding variables in the background provide maximum control and time savings—supported by robot assistance systems and automatic change and cleaning systems.

TPS/i TWIN systems are adapted to the respective application area on a modular basis. Whereas a push system is the ideal solution for steel applications, a PushPull solution is recommended for aluminum. If you want to achieve the absolute maximum when it comes to welding speed and process stability, look no further than the CMT TWIN process.

Self-regulating process

Only adjust the most necessary aspects
Achieve better results automatically: During the welding process, our system regulates the welding parameters and welding variables independently in the background to keep both arcs perfectly regulated at all times.

Smart assistance systems

Support that saves you time
TeachMode, TouchSense, SeamTracking, WireSense and short circuit detection within the gas nozzle: Our assistance systems simplify handling of the welding system and thereby increase welding efficiency.

twin welding processes Fronius

High deposition rate

Up to 25 kg/h
Processing large, heavy components has never been easier. This is possible thanks to the power of 2 TPS/i power sources in one system, leading to particularly high deposition rates and excellent gap-bridging ability.

High-speed welding

Welding speeds of up to 4 m/min
Fast welding without loss of quality: This is par for the course owing to the high deposition rate—just like the reliable penetration and notch-free welds.

Totally stable welding

Continuous production with a long service life

High level of process reliability thanks to reliable wirefeeding. The highly dynamic TWIN Drive unit and wire buffers ensure, amongst other things, maximum stability.

twin welding processes Fronius

PMC twin

PMC (Pulse Multi Control) is a further development of the pulsed arc from Fronius. It provides the technological basis for the PMC TWIN process and is available with different characteristics as is typical from Fronius.
As a result, the right process properties can be accessed directly depending on the application scenario.

CMT twin

CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) is a welding process developed by Fronius that provides the technological basis for the CMT TWIN process.

By combining different processes, benefits such as high speed, a gap-bridging ability and few spatters are brought together in one process. The process is also available with different characteristics to ensure users have the right process properties for their application at their fingertips.

Achieve the perfect result at top speed

Reliable penetration without notches: Thanks to the high deposition rate, the tandem process enables speeds of up to 330 cm/min. This allows you to weld 2.5 times faster than with just one arc.

Gap-bridging ability

Four times the welding speed and optimal gap-bridging ability with TWIN welding despite a 3 mm gap!
Precise welding, faster—this is what our TWIN series an achieve with various auxiliary systems. These, in combination with the robot controller, support welders in making the production process as efficient as possible. This not only saves time and minimizes errors but means that welds can be reproduced at any time in the desired quality—without the need for manual fine adjustments. And all this in the best possible design to withstand the highest loads and fulfill the most stringent requirements.

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