Atlas Copco unveils world’s first battery-driven portable screw compressor


Atlas Copco unveiled the groundbreaking ‘B-Air,’ the world’s first battery-driven portable screw air compressor. This innovative release signifies a pivotal moment in the global industrial sector’s transition toward a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

The B-Air 185-12, a trailblazer in the industrial market, is part of Atlas Copco’s commitment to advancing sustainable products. This portable screw air compressor operates on a 55-kWh battery, delivering 5-12 bar of pressure and a steady flow rate of 5.4-3.7 m3/min. Its independent operation without the need for fuel or a local power source, coupled with a full-shift performance capability, ensures mobility and productivity in environments where regular electricity access is impractical.

Transitioning from an internal combustion engine to an electric motor, the B-Air 185-12 brings several advantages, including reduced downtime and maintenance requirements. With fewer moving parts, servicing is required only every 2,000 hours compared to the typical 500 hours for a diesel-powered unit. The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and permanent magnet motor contribute to a 70% increase in energy efficiency by adjusting motor speed in real-time based on air demand.

Atlas Copco’s rigorous testing affirms the B-Air 185-12’s optimal performance under extreme conditions, from +45°C to -25°C, and up to 4,500 meters above sea level. Designed for urban areas with strict emission and noise restrictions, this compressor produces no local emissions and operates quietly, enhancing both productivity and safety for operators.

Prasanna Kulkarni, General Manager – Power Technique India, said “We are proud to introduce the B-Air 185-12, the first battery-driven screw compressor in the industry. This innovative product shows our dedication to creating sustainable solutions for our customers and the environment. Our vision is to offer a green option for every user and application, and this battery powered unit brings us closer to that vision.”