Cranedge: Harnessing the power of customer service


Gaining the first mover-advantage of being the only company dedicated for crane service in India, as well as leveraging the extensive experience of ElectroMech, India’s leading volume manufacturer of cranes and related material handling equipment, Cranedge has carved out a niche for itself. Shweta Nanda of Engineering Review tracks the growth trajectory of Cranedge and finds out what makes the company tick

Established in 2009, with the novelidea of providing superior after-market service for cranes, Cranedge has made a mark among customers. A strategic initiative of ElectroMech, one of the leading crane manufacturers in Asia, Cranedge has experienced steady growth in the past decade. Design and manufacturing experience of ElectroMech and a staff of experienced technicians are the key factors in the company’s success story.

Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech
Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech

Today, apart from industrial overhead cranes, Cranedge caters to the after-sales service requirements of a host of material handling equipment supplied by ElectroMech which includes process cranes, forklifts and tower cranes. Furthermore, Cranedge caters to the after-sales service requirements of equipment by other manufacturers too.
Shedding more light on the idea behind the foundation of Cranedge, Tushar Mehendale, MD, ElectroMech says that Cranedge was formed from ElectroMech’s unparalleled focus on customer service. “Customer Focus is one of the core values that has driven ElectroMech’s progress over the years. While traditional manufacturers typically end their scope of work after supplying the equipment, we wanted to ensure that our customers are well taken care of throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. This is the reason we decided to form our services subsidiary Cranedge. Over the past 10 years, we have grown the penetration of Cranedge by leaps and bounds and today we have in excess of 150 technicians spread across India, Middle East and South East Asia,” shares Mehendale.

Right Service, Quick Response Time
Cranedge offers complete maintenance services for industrial and workshop cranes, conventional power plant cranes, gantry cranes, nuclear power plant cranes, metallurgical process cranes and explosion-proof cranes.Its service portfolio includes detailed and regular crane inspection and upkeep and upgrade of cranes by replacing the wear and tear parts. The company’s service offerings have been designed based on the four decades of ElectroMech’s experience in the crane market.

“We offer breakdown services, annual maintenance contracts, spares support, modernization and retrofits. We also undertake health check-ups for equipment and provide a detailed status report with recommendations. We assist our customers in relocation of their equipment with necessary modifications,” shares Mehendale.

The company undertakes detailed Wire Rope Condition Monitoring projects to ensure there are no hidden defects in the wire ropes of the cranes to avoid any conditions that could lead to premature failures of the rope. Further, it undertakes laser based runway beam and rail alignment projects to ensure trouble-free crane operations.

To ensure quick response and efficient services, Cranedge banks on technology. Its technicians leverage the potential of mobility to accept complaints anytime, anywhere and access historical data on-the-go to quickly diagnose and resolve problems.

“At Cranedge, we leverage technology to ensure efficient services and quick responses. Every Cranedge technician has a tablet loaded with our services platform. This enables the technicians to accept complaint calls, access the historical crane data, document work being done and provide quick and to-the-point services,” says Mehendale.

With its wide array of services, Cranedge caters to a wide variety of industry verticals, including metals, infrastructure, automotive, paper, real estate, power, manufacturing, heavy engineering, etc. It has leading client names to its credit, including Siemens, Forbes Marshall, Gestamp Automotive, Sandvik Asia, Gamesa Wind Turbines, to name a few.

Apart from offering wide range of services, Cranedge focuses on providing training to customers. “Our operator training module covers safe material handling and rigging practices as well as covers the basics of regular preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. Hundreds of companies have taken advantage of this program to turn their factories into safe and productive workplaces,” shares Mehendale.

Experienced and specialized technicians coupled with efficient services has established Cranedge as a reliable brand in the repair, maintenance and upgrade of lifts. Looking ahead, as the industry segments like manufacturing, infrastructure, steel and power continue to gain momentum, so will the demand for cranes and their after-market service. Given this, Cranedge’s growth outlook looks extremely positive as it gets all set to scale greater heights.