DEP’s Full Vehicle Parameterization Technology reduces SUV weight, to making it fuel efficient


Increasing emphasis and high expectation on the fuel economy standards have pushed the automotive OEMs globally to optimize their vehicle platforms irrespective of the vehicle footprints. Fuel economy standards have to be achieved with holistically balancing of safety, Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) and durability performance regulation and requirements. With competitive markets and compressed time to market needs, OEMs are looking for technologies that enable them to cut short their development time or make their current platforms more efficient.

The entire value engineering is divided into three phases by Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) and is Baseline evaluation, Parametrization and Optimization. The DEP technology, proprietory CAE software, MeshWorks and industry leading process have led to a Multi-Disciplinary Optimization approach that has been very well received by OEMs globally.

The technology of parameterizing complete vehicle CAE models using Design Enabled Optimization in DEP MeshWorks and the process of Multi-disciplinary Optimization are the key pieces that deliver value. This CAE driven process has been deployed successfully in both early-stage vehicle development as well as for optimizing existing platforms.

Conventional full vehicle CAE model build is generally driven by CAD data. This process though well-established takes a lot of time. Vehicle manufacturers are constantly looking at technologies that reduce the CAE model to manufacturing time. In yet other perspective, vehicle manufacturers are also looking at technology and tools that can help them quickly build and evaluate concepts.

Detroit Engineered Products(DEP) has been working on a transformational approach to both the conventional CAE model build as well as for early-stage concept model development. For instance, DEP’s CAE model-based Morphing, Merging; Cut & Swap techniques have helped the customers accelerate not only their CAE model build an early-stage concept development timing but also have helped reduce the product development cycle time.

Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) said, “DEP’s MeshWorks Morpher driven MDO approach has been successfully extended beyond the full vehicle to various other vehicle subsystems as well. This feature-based morphing approach preserves and carries forward the integration and manufacturing best practices with the flexibility to change the shape and sections. Morphing technology and methods from MeshWorks have realized about 60 per cent time-saving in the pre-production design stage of vehicle development.”

About Detroit Engineered Products (DEP):

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is an Engineering Solutions and Product Development company. Since its inception in 1998 in Troy, Michigan, USA, DEP is now a global company with footprints in Europe, China, Korea, Japan and India.

At the soul of DEP is a passion for engineering, and this passion has led to the inception of DEP MeshWorks, our proprietary software platform. DEP MeshWorks is a CAE driven platform for rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parametrization of CAE models, enabling optimization, advanced meshing and CAD morphing. It has resulted in an accelerated and has transformed the product development process, which has resulted in several creative solutions to many of our client’s problems, thus providing significant value. For further information,

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