Mettler Toledo fraud prevention accessory guide


How to Beat the Five Cheats

Fraud at the truck scale is as widespread as it is alarming, but it can be prevented. METTLER TOLEDO offers a number of products to accompany your truck scale that will protect your business.

Summary of the Five Cheats

  • Improper Positioning – Most common cheat where the truck is either not fully on the scale or the next truck in line drives onto the scale, resulting in a lower/higher weight reading.
  • Load-Cell Tampering – A device is added to the analog load cell system which allows the driver to use a remote and increase or decrease the weight to their benefit.
  • Lighten the Load – Driver expels additional weight after weighing in and before loading/unloading. This results in the driver receiving more product than was paid for, or getting paid for more product than was delivered.
  • Disappearing Goods – Driver drops some of the product at a secret location between being loaded and unloaded. This is most common when trucks are running the same route multiple times a day.
  • Altering Data – A scale-house attendant conspires with a driver to alter weight tickets and gets a cut of the profit. Alternatively, the data-management software is insecure and open to hacking.