HIWIN DATORKER Strain Wave Gears


As manufacturing technology continues to evolve, all the industries are increasingly subject to challenging demands. In this highly competitive environment, manufacturers not only need to improve production efficiency, but also ensure high precision and reliability of the production process. In the process of pursuing these goals, strain wave gears have emerged and become a key technology in this field.

With its unique mechanical structure, the strain wave gear is different from the rigid transmission of traditional gears. It uses the elastic deformation of the gears to eliminate the backlash between parts, thereby achieving high-precision rotational motion, bringing great benefits to the industry. With its precise positioning accuracy and superior torque output, it plays an important role in providing high efficiency.

In machineries, strain wave gears are mainly used to reduce speed and transmit power to improve the accuracy and efficiency. To further explain, the features of strain wave gears includes:

  1. High-precision positioning: The strain wave gear is different from the general gear transmission method. It uses a special meshing method of metal elastic deformation to eliminate the backlash between the components. The number of meshing teeth at the same time is as high as 30% of the total number of teeth, so its positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy can meet extremely high requirements. It can be used to improve the positioning accuracy of machine tools, especially in situations that require small movements and high-precision processing.
  2. High torque output: With optimized tooth profile meshing design and multi-tooth meshing,the average force on each tooth can be dispersed and minimized, and the permissible torque load can be improved, thereby achieving high torque and high-precision output, which is very beneficial for machineries to perform heavy-load tasks.
  3. Miniaturization and high-speed ratio: The core component of the strain wave gear, the flexspline, is a thin-walled metal member, completely reversing the existing thinking that only the traditional solid gear structure can achieve power transmission, thereby achieving lightweight characteristics; also because of the thin-walled metal It elastically deforms to achieve a high meshing rate of the gear. Even if it is small in size, it can still provide high torque output and high reduction ratio. It is undoubtedly the best choice for those who need to use it under space and weight constraints in the field of reducer products.
  4. Energy saving and efficiency improvement: Strain wave gear can provide efficient energy transfer, helping to reduce energy loss while improving overall efficiency.

HIWIN’s DATORKER Strain Wave Gears are widely used in robotic arms, semiconductor equipment, automation industries, optical inspection equipment, machine tools and other mechanisms that require large torque for rotational motion. They have performance advantages such as small size, high torque output, and high positioning accuracy, and develop diversified types, sizes and reduction ratios to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Based on the above description, the strain wave gear helps reduce the overall energy consumption of the machinery system because of its high efficiency and low energy loss, conforms to the trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the modern environment, and makes valuable contributions to the requirements of green manufacturing.

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