HRS Unveils Advanced Pharma Systems at P-MEC 2023


HRS Process Systems Ltd showcased its cutting-edge heat exchangers and skid systems at P-MEC 2023, Asia’s largest pharmaceutical industry show held at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, from December 28th to 30th. The event provided a platform for HRS to exhibit its energy-efficient solutions for heating, cooling, condensing, re-boiling, recuperation, CIP, WFI, etc. Among the featured products were the ECOFLUX corrugated tube heat exchanger, HRS FUNKE Plate heat exchanger, and HRS hot water systems—compact and energy-efficient technologies contributing to improved process cycles and subsequent returns for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and related industries.

HRS emphasized its expertise in designing heat exchangers with exotic materials, enhancing compatibility for critical applications. The company also highlighted its capacity to provide nutraceutical, UHT, and similar pilot and turnkey plants, meeting the processing needs of sensitive products such as Infant Food, Probiotics, Nutraceuticals, and health supplements. P-MEC India 2023 served as a valuable opportunity for HRS to engage with business associates from the pharma and healthcare sectors, with notable companies like IOL Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals Ltd, CN Water, Vibrant Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd, and Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd expressing keen interest in HRS technology for their processes.

HRS Process Systems Ltd showcased