Safety sensors for machine safety




ReeR R-Safe safety sensors utilize RFID technology and could be used to monitor doors, gates, and other movable mechanical safeguards that separate personnel and equipment from hazardous situations.

The RFID system consists of an active reading device and a passive transponder, where is present an identification code.

The communication takes place between the two parts by means of electromagnetic fields. In the passive part the energy for transponder operation is transferred through the electrical field.

Trough OSSD output (2 x 300 mA OSSD safety outputs) they send a signal to the machine control system to prevent or stop hazardous operations when the guard is not in the proper position.

They can be used for applications where a high level of manipulation protection is required.
R-SAFE RFID is the ideal choice for many industrial applications, including: food & beverage, packaging, pharmaceutics, printing, paper, logistics, renewable energies, chemicals, injection molding and many more …

Unique mechanical characteristics allow protection against cleaning agents and washdown processes, a typical requirement of the food industry.

  • Resistant to aggressive elements, e.g., cleaning agents used in the food industry
  • Waterproof housing compliant with IP67 and IP69K requirements

RFID technology

The RFID technology enables R-SAFE RFID sensors to be coded in three different ways to allow the appropriate tampering protection in all applications.

The highest level of coding allows the sensors to be paired only with the assigned actuators.

Generic coding
The actuator is free and not specifically assigned to the sensor (one actuator can work with multiple generic sensors)

Teach-in coding
The actuator is programmed via teach-in and permanently assigned to the sensor during set-up (the process can be repeated if necessary)

Unique coding
The actuator is permanently assigned to the sensor during manufacturing (it cannot be replaced with another actuator)

The RFID technology used allows to reach safety levels up to PL e/SIL 3 also when connecting the sensors in series.

Two Versions

  • Basic model (5 poles)
    Automatic restart
  • Plus model (8 poles)
    Teach-in coding
    Automatic restart
    Manual restart
    Automatic restart (without EDM)
    Serial connection
    This version can be used as Stand-Alone device (without connection to Mosaic or other interfaces)


R-SAFE RFID (both versions) satisfies all connection requirements.

  • M12 connector,
  • M12 connector with Pigtail,
  • Cable

Cables and connectors approved for the food industry complete the range of sensors.

The best for series connections

R-SAFE RFID Plus version allows individual status reading without the need to individually wire the status output of each sensor.

Status information can be shared with PLC.

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