The DELTA ELECTRONICS brand stands for reliability


Delta Electronics stands head and shoulders above many an automation player in the Indian market. With Taiwanese expertise and Indian prowess, Delta provides complete automation solutions which are effective both in function and cost. We speak to Sumit Kumar, product manager, CNC at Delta Electronics India, about Delta’s vast CNC range and its multiple applications which are creating news for all the right reasons.

Q. How has the pandemic situation been for Delta Electronics? What changes have occurred in the manufacturing sector in particular in terms of demand?

As with industrial automation, the pandemic has raised demand for Delta CNC’s manifold. Demand was driven by the unusual circumstances of distancing and safety which led to a crunch in labour across industry. Industry is now making a turn towards less people intensive and IoT solutions as the way forward. Despite material shortage for a period last year, we have better logistics and inventory in CNC today and part of this was possible with the support of our parent company in Taiwan. Earlier it was the machine tool industry, automotive industry and wood industry that was leading the way but many sectors are catching up now. Indian industry began adopting CNCs 30 years ago and the potential is still high. Under the Make in India initiative, the machine tool industry has got a push and from importing, India is now manufacturing and exporting machines. Many small end customers who commonly work on manual machines are also looking for an upgrade.

Q. What advantages does Delta bring to its customer in the Machine Tool industry?

The Delta Electronics brand stands for reliability. We understand the loss that even an hour of downtime can cause and we work towards minimizing issues in our products. We provide a great CNC package with servo motors, spindle motors, motion control and CNC controllers. These CNC controllers are extremely user friendly and we can train operators within half an hour or an hour of training by us. Our controllers are also easily available to our customers. We always meet our demands, despite the spike since last year and supply them to our customers.

Q. What applications do Delta CNC’s support?

Delta’s CNC controllers have all the applications including the much in demand lathes or turning, milling, vertical turning centers, horizontal milling centers, flame cutters, glass cutters, pipe cutters, engraving and all kinds of special purpose machines (SPM). The CNC for milling supports multiple applications like glass cutting and engraving. Different types of applications are done with accuracy which leads to immense customer satisfaction for our customers. Ofcourse, with our customization, the use of these applications increases manifold.

Q. What are the possibilities that a manufacturer can look forward to with Delta’s CNC solutions?

Delta has full basket of automation solutions: CNC, PLC, HMI and robots and a single source solution is always better in terms of management, after sales service and turns out to be cost-effective. The possibilities for our customers are endless because we offer customized solutions. Manufacturers can explain their requirements and Delta will incorporate and customize the CNC controller according to it. Unlike the competition, we provide softwares to help us customise according to the need of the manufacturers or operators free of cost with the purchase and we are always willing to train operators.

We have tied up with Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs in India and the performance of Delta CNCs has been above the competition in factors like modes of operation, user-friendliness and others. Most importantly, our vast features are standard features and are available even on the smaller basic models. Delta controllers are incredibly cost-effective and with free features are a steal. These are some of the factors that helped us replace a competitor with 20 year old roots for a big machine manufacturer in the southern part of India.

Q. What can one look forward to in the coming future with Delta CNCs?

The future will see more advanced versions of CNCs. These CNCs will be faster and have less cycle time. In the near future, Delta will incorporate enhanced designing and graphics features in next generation CNCs. We will also advance from our current 8 axis to 12-14 axis. Another innovation will be the incorporation of robots into CNCs which will result in high productivity. The coming year is an extremely exciting one for the CNC segment.

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