High Performance Forging Lubricants For Ring Rolling & High-Speed Multistaion Forgings


What is Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Process?

  • Ingot or billet is cut to size then upset to achieve mechanical properties
  • Punching & piercing to create ring rolling donut
  • Ring Rolling process begins with ID & OD pressure applied to donut
  • Ring diameter increases as pressure applied to ID & OD increases. Axial roll controls height
  • When desired size is achieved, process is complete

Recirculating water & waste oil or furnace oil are generally used for die cooling & lubrication purpose which makes working environment dirty & hazardous smoky.

Sandeep Gaikwad, Director, Yeskolube India Pvt.ltd.
Sandeep Gaikwad, Director, Yeskolube India Pvt.ltd.

Yeskolube India Pvt.Ltd. manufacturer of different kind of forging die lubricants having a perfect solution for Ring Rolling Forging applications. Along with these lubricants Yeskolube manufacturers Super High Performance Non-Graphite Forging Lubricants Compatible For High Speed Multi-Station Forging Like Forging On Hatebur & Schuler Presses.

The super high performance specially formulated die lubricants are 100 % water soluble, contains no graphite & biodegradable.


Features of these lubricants are as below:

  • Contains Excellent Lubrication Additives
  • Provides Excellent Die Cooling Properties
  • Stronger Film Formation
  • Excellent Load Carrying Capacity
  • 100% Smokeless Forging Application

Consistent use of these lubricants can have benefits like:

  • Substantial Tool Life Improvement
  • Clean & Smokeless Working Environment
  • Can Reduce Manpower In Sizing Operation

Yeskolube India Pvt. Ltd. started with a singular goal – to make indigenous lubricants available to Indian manufacturers and industries that are on par with international standards. Yeskolube is the youngest, and one of the fastest-growing brand – in the world of forging and casting lubricants, becoming one of the prominent manufacturers within a very short span. Yeskolube has emerged as one of the rising stars of the lubrication industry, providing high-quality, best-in-class products at cost-effective prices.