METTLER TOLEDO SpeedWeigh Makes Your Holidays


SpeedWeigh™ software application together with Pick&Pack™ for ICS bench scales increases your weighing speed up to 60%. Benefited from the faster operation and boosted yield, you can relax and enjoy holidays. The SpeedWeigh™ application for ICS68_ adjusts scale readability and environmental filter settings to fit the specific needs of what is being measured. You gain time back from every weighment – adding up to huge operational benefits.

Increase Your Yield in Seconds
Seconds make the difference in lean production. The application automatically adjusts readability according to the weight of goods, which makes your weighing faster. The weighing time saved accumulates to a significant throughput increase every day.

Optimize Your Weighing Process
Ensure your accuracy and tolerance requirements are met automatically while working at maximal speed. In Anticipation Mode, SpeedWeigh extracts data such as target weight and process tolerance from ICS Formulation per ingredient and sets the optimal readability on the fly. Furthermore, active alerts when the scale cannot meet accuracy requirements help to ensure quality.

Speed up Picking Processes
Use SpeedWeigh to boost productivity in your picking and packing stations. Utilizing the Anticipation Mode feature ensures the optimal readability is used during each step. This is especially useful when picking or kitting many different parts.