NABTESCO INDIA, CMET and Stereolithography


CMET Inc. is the group company of Nabtesco that manufactures and sells Stereolithography System (SLA), Sand Molding System (BJ), and related consumables.

CMET also provides technical support and maintenance services.


In stereolithography, a layer of photocurable resin is irradiated with laser light or light through a photomask to be cured. This work alone is the same as lithography, but in stereolithography, the molding table is operated after this to create a new layer and harden it again. At this time, a single layer is formed by a spatula-like mechanism called a recoater. This is because the resin does not spread evenly due to the effect of surface tension only by lowering the table. A model is created by repeating this series of operations.

Features of Stereolithography

  • One of the major features of stereolithography is its outstanding precision among 3D printers. Other features include a smooth surface without polishing, detailed expression (fine holes, thin walls, etc.)
  • Stereolithography is the only method that can create highly transparent prototypes.
  • Stereolithography has been introduced in various industries such as automobiles, home appliances, and medical care, and is used for a wide variety of purposes.

CMET’s strengths

  • CMET’s stereolithography systems is capable of high-precision molding within ±0.2mm, and has the industry’s No. 1 high-transparency material lineup not found in other companies in the industry.
  • CMET has been developing its own technology as a manufacturer of stereolithography system for more than a quarter of a century.
  • From one of Japan’s leading product manufacturers to major service bureaus, the company has the largest sales record in Japan.
  • The company’stechnical capabilities can only be realized with CMET’s stereolithography system, which has the highest level of maturity and high quality.
  • Achieves high-precision molding
  • Reliability for long-term stable operation
  • Molding area of
    • W800×D600×H400mm (ATOMm-8000)
    • W400×D400×H300mm (ATOMm-4000)
  • Equipped with a high-performance laser
  • Equipped with an easy-to-see and operate LCD touch widescreen monitor.

Many of Japan’s leading automobile and electronics manufacturers are users of CMET Machines.

“This year, in 2023, we launched a new large-scale stereolithography system, CS-9, but we will never relax our development efforts. We will continue our Research & Developments,” states the company.

“CS-9 is the largest molding size ever, which combines speed, accuracy, quality and function and we exhibited the system at ‘Next Generation 3D Printer Exhibition (AM Japan)’ held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 21 to June 23, 2023,” the company adds.

For more information on CS-9, visit the website